Drogba Out In The Cold?

I’m not sure what Didier Drogba’s intentions were when he recently talked about how ‘lost’ he felt over the summer, but it’s certainly bit him on the arse already.

Whether or not the latest press gossip has any truth to it or not is as debatable as ever, but his recent outpouring has definitely given them another stick to beat Chelsea with.Read More

Is Deco’s Confidence Realistic?

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to come back and haunt us at the end of a season, it’s players’ predictions. Why do they do that?

I know they can’t come out all doom and gloom, but actually predicting we’ll be Champions? Our current form doesn’t really afford that sort of confidence – and yet, Deco says “I know that we have not been 100% in the last few matches and we have missed some chances to be top of the table, but the most important time to be top is at the end of the season and I believe that this team will finish as champions.”

You see, despite the fact we’ve managed just one win from four lately, the midfielder believes Scolari still has what it takes to turn it around in 2009, stating “Scolari has not changed, he is still a strong man and is the same coach as he was at the start of the season when everyone was praising him.Read More

New Owner For Chelsea In 2009?

So, with all the rumours around Roman’s dwindling millions, will 2009 bring a new owner to Stamford Bridge?

I mean, we’ve all been hearing how the credit crunch has hit Stamford Bridge this year, and god knows Kenyon’s told us enough times there’s barely even a pot to p*** in for transfers.Read More