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Drogba Out In The Cold?

I’m not sure what Didier Drogba’s intentions were when he recently talked about how ‘lost’ he felt over the summer, but it’s certainly bit him on the arse already.

Whether or not the latest press gossip has any truth to it or not is as debatable as ever, but his recent outpouring has definitely given them another stick to beat Chelsea with. Because, following on from the rumours suggesting Malouda had become the Stamford Bridge whipping boy, the press are now suggesting it’s Drogba who’s being ‘singled out’ by his team-mates.

In a meeting at Cobham to pick the bones out of our season so far, whilst everyone apparently disagreed when it came to tactics and training methods, we’re told the one thing they all agreed on was their irritation at Drogba.

We’re even told that when the Ivorian whinged about a lack of support following his grandmother’s death, he was told this was “bollocks” by one of his team-mates and the general consensus is that they want him out.

And these would be the same players who’ve been bigging him up all season I take it?

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