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New Owner For Chelsea In 2009?

So, with all the rumours around Roman’s dwindling millions, will 2009 bring a new owner to Stamford Bridge?

I mean, we’ve all been hearing how the credit crunch has hit Stamford Bridge this year, and god knows Kenyon’s told us enough times there’s barely even a pot to p*** in for transfers. And now we’re hearing that Roman’s fortune has shrunk from a fairly decent £13.2million billion to a miserly £2.25million billion.

So where does that leave Chelsea? Well, apparently it leaves us in competition with one of his yachts because, such is Abramovich’s current financial predicament that the Chelsea owner has to decide between us and his luxury yacht.

Of course, we were all warned the day would come when he’d tire of his latest ‘plaything’ – Chelsea that is, not the yacht – and leave us high and dry. And gossip or not, these rumours about him looking for a buyer – particularly in the current financial climate – definitely make me a little nervous.

After all, whilst it’s true he’ll never make a profit on a yacht, the same is true about Chelsea for the foreseeable future – and the yacht is probably the cheaper to maintain.

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