Trouble At The Bridge

Ok, I’ve had my rant about yesterday’s game and I’d rather just forget it ever happened now. However, there are a couple of issues the game raised that I really think need addressing.

Firstly, our home form. After years of half expecting to get results at home and half expecting our unbelievable record at Stamford Bridge to come to an end, it happened – and we’ve fallen apart since.Read More

Post Southend Woes

Y’know what? Sod the match review because I’m really not in the mood.

What the bloody hell was that about yesterday? Southend? We can’t even get a result against Southend now? I don’t even know where to start.

I think I’ve been pretty lenient with Chelsea so far this season and considering my reaction to some of our football under Grant last term, I’ve been more than accommodating when it comes to the new Chelsea boss.Read More