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Sahar’s Parting Shot

So, Ben Sahar has gone off on loan again, this time to Dutch club De Graafschap, but not without a few words about Harry Redknapp first.

It seems Sahar, who was sent back to Chelsea because Pompey didn’t want him, isn’t all that happy with the way he was treated by the club he has spent the first half of the season on loan with.

Sahar didn’t make a single appearance for Portsmouth in the Premier League and clearly isn’t happy about it, saying “I realised I’d have a hard time making the starting 11, but I never thought I wouldn’t even get a chance. It wasn’t very professional. In training camp, coach Harry Redknapp said he was pleased with me and promised to give me a shot. But in the end I didn’t play one minute. It annoyed me and held up my career. In England, names take precedence with coaches. It doesn’t matter whether Peter Crouch played better or worse. He always played. They didn’t give me a chance. If they had, I would have shown everyone what I’m worth. In any event, there was no situation where I didn’t play because I wasn’t good.”

Despite plenty of interest from Championship clubs, Sahar has decided to try his luck in Holland – possibly because he doesn’t believe his name fits in England – although he maintains he has not failed in the Premier League – because he wasn’t even given the chance. Sahar suggests “It’s a fact I didn’t play, but I didn’t fail. In every place I was where they gave me a chance to play, when they believed in me, I played well and contributed my share. I proved myself on Israel’s national under-21 team as well as on the men’s national team. I don’t see how you can say I failed if I didn’t play at all.”

Hopefully his time at De Graafschap will be a little more beneficial.

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