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What’s Drogba Been Up To Now?

Don’t you just love the press?

I mean, anyone who reads this blog can’t fail to have noticed that my feelings towards Didier Drogba are hardly what you’d call warm. That said though, whilst I’ll never let an opportunity pass to have a go at the Ivorian, I’ve stopped short of blaming him for the Credit Crunch.

When it comes to the press though, they don’t seem to have quite as much restraint when it comes to our vertically challenged striker. You see, their latest accusation is that Chelsea’s 18 year old striker Morten Nielsen wants out of the club and the man responsible for this is none other than Didier Drogba.

According to the press, during a chat in a training ground Jacuzzi, Drogba had a little word in the Danes ear to let him know Rennes were after his signature and now Nielsen, who’s nearing the end of a three-year contract, has demanded a move.

Come on. Surely they realise Drogba wouldn’t be sharing his Jacuzzi with our reserves?

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