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Why’s Abramovich Avoiding Old Trafford?

Roman Abramovich won’t be at Old Trafford for the game on Sunday and needless to say, the press boys are wetting their pants nearly as much as they did when he first came to Stamford Bridge. And the reason for their excitement? Well, obviously because it means they can write even more bullshit about him losing interest in us than they have for the past couple of years.

I mean, it was a lot of fun for them when he first came to the Premier League – a bit of entertainment for them while he threw his millions around, but they soon got bored and needed a new angle. And whilst Chelsea managers are always on the agenda for speculation, the idea of our rich owner leaving us high and dry is apparently far too tempting for them not to flog it to death.

Besides, now that Middle Eastlands have got themselves the sort of bank balance that makes Roman’s look like loose change, Chelsea’s lack of spending isn’t giving them much else to play with.

Wonder why this time they haven’t sussed he’s probably just avoiding Mourinho?

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