Manchester United vs CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Old Trafford

Date: Sunday, 11 January

Kick-off: 1600 GMT


The last time Chelsea played at Old Trafford in the league, we’d just seen Jose Mourinho leave only to be replaced by the sour-faced, inanimate Grant who clearly didn’t have a clue how to handle a game like this. Needless to say we lost 2-0.Read More

Will We See A More Cohesive Defence Against United?

There’s several things that worry me about our game against United but top of that list has to be our defending lately. From a side known previously for being defensively tighter than a Scot’s wallet, whilst we’re not exactly conceding shedloads, it’s fair to say more recently we’ve made mistakes that even schoolboys would get barracked for.Read More

Chelsea Striker Dilemma

Chelsea striker Franco Di Santo has been called up to take part in Argentina’s South American Under-20 Championship. The trouble is, it starts in Venezuela on January 19th and with only Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba to play up front for us, Scolari’s reluctant to let the youngster go.

It’s true Di Santo hasn’t been given many opportunities so far this season but with Didier Drogba doing the hokey-cokey in terms of availability for us and Anelka’s form appearing much better away than at home, Di Santo’s absence would leave us with no cover at all.Read More