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Mourinho Making A Subtle Entrance? Not Likely!

Jose Mourinho’s back to watch his first Premier League game since leaving Chelsea – and true to form, he isn’t making his entrance quietly, he never did though did he?

The former Chelsea boss, as we all know, will be getting plenty of media attention at Old Trafford today when he takes his seat to watch his Champions League opponents take on his former club. And he’s chosen this particular time, when the current Chelsea boss is under the sort of pressure he was well used to during his time with us, to suggest he could’ve fulfilled Roman’s demands – with a little more time.

Fair play to him, he delivered plenty during his time at Chelsea, although it seems no matter how much money he spent, he just couldn’t deliver the Champions League. In fact, even his successor who let’s be honest, was a bit of a joke, managed to get us further in Europe than TSO.

Mourinho’s adamant he could have though, stating “We’d won absolutely everything apart from the Champions League. But people always want more – and at Chelsea that was the Champions League. I would have won it with Chelsea. While I was at Chelsea we did everything but win the Champions League. We won all the other big, big trophies. There was the first League title for Chelsea in 50 years and the next year we were champions again. We won the first FA Cup at the new Wembley, beating Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. And two Carling Cups. My contract was until 2011, so I would have been there for seven years. It’s enough time.”

Easy to say that now though because we’ll never know will we?

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