Scolari Showing Who’s Boss?

There’s always something before a big game isn’t there? Always something to add a bit more fuel to the fire. Always something to pressure the managers a little bit more – well, Chelsea managers anyway.

So with United today and Scolari under the microscope, what have the press got for us this time? Well, if we get beat today, as far as the press are concerned, it’ll be partly because the Chelsea boss has pissed off his players by bringing in a new fine system.

You see, we’re told that in an effort to show the players who’s boss, Scolari has brought in a range of fines for lateness, use of mobile phones, wearing hats and slightly higher rates for leaving the country without permission – should stop a mass exodus then!

Obviously though, the Chelsea insider – you know the one? The one who always gives the press a whisper when there’s dirt to dish? – well anyway, he/she is reported to have said “All is not well at the moment. This new list of fines is just another example of the problems between the players and the manager.” And naturally, we’re also told this has ‘unsettled’ the players before today’s game.

No pressure for Scolari though eh?

13 Responses to “Scolari Showing Who’s Boss?”

  1. im so disapointed in the game 🙁

    we didnt even score one.. :'(

  2. we couldve played for a week and that wouldnt have changed Dan

  3. Not that im a United fan and that we beat Chelsea today, but now im convinced Scolari has lost the plot altogether, or infact he never had a proper scheme for the Blues.

  4. Youre right, he never had the plot to start with.

  5. I stayed up late here in Singapore to watch it…game started at midnight and finished at 0145am and had to leave for work at 6.10 am….and guaranteed I will put in a better shift than all those who ‘played’ for Chelsea.
    Man Utd were not great, but took advantage of a team who did not really show any interest….a team playing in such a way that the next step is the manager departing (many clubs have played poorly to be rid of a manager?), maybe now Chelsea’s turn?
    Gary Neville was made to look a decent player…it must have been bad!
    I can blame some of the decisions and some of the referee goading by the opposition, but at the end of the day, they deserved nowt and got nowt as they say up t’north!
    One thing for sure I am glad I never paid anything to watch them!
    Singapore v Jordan later this month will be a far better bet!
    TAXI for Scolari!

  6. Now your really are the New Leeds of the South!!!!
    Agree with the comment that ye made Gary Neville look like a good player!
    More dead weight on Chelsea team than Big Brother!!

  7. Not Leeds of the south….but Queens of the south as they played like a bunch of them! (no offence and I am not Homophobic!)
    I am dismayed that people are still willing to pay good money…which in turn allows average overhyped players to earn rediculous salaries!
    John Terry, Berbatov, Rooney, Drogba….to name jus a few were nothing more than average or wasI watching the wrong game?
    We need to act and act now….stop paying for this crap, stop feeding their egos and their bank balances!!!
    Yes Gary Neville was made to look a good player….but he will never be good looking don’t matter how much money he has!
    I am also in shock that the Man Utd fan commented and could actually spell…must have done a course on remand 😉

  8. And im surprised a Chelsea fan is actually not talking about buying more and more new players who are in their late 20s or early 30s 😉 😛

  9. Unbelievable that a Chelsea team can look so bereft of spirit and tactical nous yesterday. I was absolutely astounded. This Brazilian Scolari is killing the team. It’s clear that across the board these players do not want to play for him. Absolutely sure that he is out of his depth. World Cup Win or not, this guy doesn’t know how to get the best out of a top club side. He’s a fool.

  10. I always felt that Chelsea where going for short term glory not building up a real empire of football like what Man Utd are trying to copy from Liverpool. What did you think that Ferguson was doing some thing new or just trying to be Liverpool? Aston Villa look the club to take your top 4 spot as you free fall from the top as you replaced Leeds, now you have started to follow Leeds in more ways old players and no new blood, funny that it’s the same way Blackburn have gone but never after buying a league title but so far never followed the Leeds fall from grace. Therefore, the question is can you stay in the top division or will the 1st and 2nd division beckon?

  11. Sham – we’re second in the table atm, I hardly see that as a relegation battle just yet so I wouldn’t get your hopes up. We were top four before Roman, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t be whether he’s around or not.

  12. Scolari’s face did not give us much confidence. Saw king mourinho’s self satisfying smile. Wonder whether he’s enjoying his triumphalism or his bottle of portugese red wine with ferguson. I’m going to drown my sorrows at the World’s End which i think is called Chelsea Bar now. Wonder whether we see the same humiliation from Stoke this weekend. Scolari has himself claimed that he has no idea how to turn the team’s form around.

  13. By the way as you agree that you are 2nd at the moment is say that you expect to drop soon
    Leeds where in the quarter finalist of Champions League the season before they fell from grace and if you think Chelsea D that you are a top 4 team without Roman money then the D in your name must mean Delusional.
    Old players and no new blood and nobody to replace the old age but hold on what Chelsea famous for????? Yes I have it now the Chelsea pensioners!!!!