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Scolari Showing Who’s Boss?

There’s always something before a big game isn’t there? Always something to add a bit more fuel to the fire. Always something to pressure the managers a little bit more – well, Chelsea managers anyway.

So with United today and Scolari under the microscope, what have the press got for us this time? Well, if we get beat today, as far as the press are concerned, it’ll be partly because the Chelsea boss has pissed off his players by bringing in a new fine system.

You see, we’re told that in an effort to show the players who’s boss, Scolari has brought in a range of fines for lateness, use of mobile phones, wearing hats and slightly higher rates for leaving the country without permission – should stop a mass exodus then!

Obviously though, the Chelsea insider – you know the one? The one who always gives the press a whisper when there’s dirt to dish? – well anyway, he/she is reported to have said “All is not well at the moment. This new list of fines is just another example of the problems between the players and the manager.” And naturally, we’re also told this has ‘unsettled’ the players before today’s game.

No pressure for Scolari though eh?

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