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Lampard: Chelsea All Men

As we all know, things aren’t looking all that cosy between Didier Drogba and Luiz Felipe Scolari right now, because having been the unquestionable first choice striker for both of his previous two bosses, the realisation has finally dawned on the Ivorian that things have changed.

From Scolari’s point of view, he’s obviously pretty pissed off to find himself with a striker who’s understanding of the job title leans more towards the ‘refusal to work’ definition. Bearing that in mind, Scolari rightly left him out of the game against Southend and made him train with the reserves.

Needless to say Drogba really weren’t impressed with that and has apparently told ‘friends’ he feels ‘undermined’ and ‘victimised’. Poor lad, he’s been made to score one whole goal this season and paid a ridiculous amount of money for his sufferance. And even worse than that, the club even has the nerve to pay someone else to score goals – the bloody cheek of it – no wonder he feels bullied.

Anyway, he’s seemingly getting the attention he was after, because he’s already got team-mates urging him to stay apparently. And whilst I’ve no doubt there’ll be more, Frank Lampard seems to be the first player to come out in support of Drogba, saying “It’s the manager’s prerogative to leave players out.  Every manager I’ve played under, and I’ve played under some top managers, has the right to drop someone, put them on the bench, rest them, whatever. Didier is a very big personality and player at this club and he will take it in the right way, I’m sure. Hopefully he will remain a massive part of this club because he’s definitely one of, if not the best, strikers in the world. You always want those sort of people around.”

Mind you, before I had a chance to slate Lampard for sticking up for his lazy team-mate, he added “The manager going public with his criticism is not a problem.  If you want to cry just because the manager says you are playing below par, you need to look at yourself. We are all men and just have to accept it.”

Something tells me some players might accept it a little easier than others.

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