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First Drogba, Now Carvalho: Who’s The Real Victim At Chelsea?

Chelsea’s old pals at The Sun delighted in the fact that not only the striker everyone loves to hate was missing for our game against Southend, but so was one of our first choice defenders. So, naturally in the current Chelsea climate (what other climate is there usually at this time of year??) it was pretty predictable we’d hear of yet more ‘dressing room unrest’.

Not the Ivorian though, because we’ve already been told he feels like a ‘victim’. No, this time it’s Ricardo Carvalho who’s fallen out with the Chelsea boss allegedly, because according to the press, they had a row over set-pieces and Scolari’s decision to use zonal marking.

Scolari however, has had enough of all the speculation now, insisting “Some newspapers write foolish stories.  They don’t know what happened with Carvalho when they write. Crazy people. The Chelsea boss insists the Chelsea defender missed the game through injury, stating “Carvalho is now in good condition.  He had a problem in his calf.  The doctor said to me it was a risk to play him and that I could have lost him for one or two months. If it is a risk, I don’t play him. Not just him but any player.”

In light of the press’ rapid hand movements lately, Scolari also took this opportunity to defend himself for dropping Didier Drogba for the game against Southend, stating “Didier is not being made a scapegoat.  The reason he was left out (against Southend) was because it was an option for me. I put this player or that player in the team.  His reaction was normal. When you sign a contract at a club, you are first or second choice, the coach chooses. My job here is to choose 11 players and the job for the players is to play. Finish. I am a victim. I lost 3-0 against United. I and the club. No player is more of a victim than me and the club.

I think he missed out the supporters somewhere. 

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