Abramovich Decides Enough Is Enough

From the minute Abramovich arrived at Chelsea there’s always been the odd bit of speculation around his level of commitment to the club.

Naturally then, in the current financial climate and with recent managers failing to deliver our Russian owner what we’re told he demands, it was pretty much expected that these rumours would increase.Read More

Chelsea For Sale To The Arabs?

Rumours seem to be increasing that Roman Abramovich has not only fallen out of love with Chelsea but he’s actually looking to sell up.

The latest we’re hearing is that he’s been meeting Gulf Arabs and members of the Saudi royal family in an effort to offload us at the best price.Read More

Cole Absence Confirmed And No Cover Planned

Yesterday, TheChelseaBlog talked in an article about the possibility of Joe Cole facing a lay off with a knee injury.

Sadly, it has now been confirmed that the Chelsea midfielder will indeed miss the remainder of the season having ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in our win against Southend. The official Chelsea site suggests Cole has successfully undergone surgery already and a statement from Scolari says “I am very sad for Joe to have suffered this injury and I am disappointed to have lost a very important player for me and the club at such a vital moment.Read More

CHELSEA 2-1 Stoke: Chelsea Fighting Til The End


Now THAT is what I’m talking about.

I’m not going to start getting carried away about yesterday’s result, it was after-all at home to Stoke, the sort of game we’d have expected to win comfortably a year or two ago. But whilst I’m not going to jump around with excitement about the result itself, what I am happy about is the fact that we showed some of that fighting spirit that’s been missing.Read More

Scolari Tells Drogba How It Is

I don’t know about anyone else, but I expected Drogba to be called back for yesterday’s game. Not that I’d have played him if I was in Scolari’s shoes mind you, I’d probably have dropped him a lot sooner to be honest, I just didn’t expect Scolari to leave him out of the squad for a league game.Read More

City Not Giving Up On Terry Yet

So, not content with £100million or whatever the latest price is on Kaka, Citeh are reported to be continuing on their spending spree.

I was reading about their alleged plans to go for the likes of Messi, Gerrard and Lampard next (have they never watched them two play together by the way?) and they’ve still got John Terry in their sights apparently.Read More