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Robinho Link Rubbished Yet Again!

With Citeh’s surprise windfall in the summer, Chelsea lost out on Robinho during that particular transfer window, however, that hasn’t stopped the press from speculating that we still hold out hope of getting him.

The player himself has suggested he has no regrets over the move, despite initially appearing confused over exactly who it was he was signing for. And despite Chelsea’s disappointment at failing to get their man at the time, Scolari stated from the start he’d just have to manage without him.

But, so intent are that at flogging this one to death, the press refuse to give up. And with a bid of £107million on the table for AC Milan’s Kaka, the suggestion now is that Scolari wants to have another bash at luring Robinho away from the Arab outfit.

Fortunately though, just like he has done in the past, Scolari has been quick to rubbish the stories. It has to be said though that he’s been a little less diplomatic with his response this time because no doubt completely fed up with the media he hadn’t fancied entertaining in the first place, Scolari has pretty much summed up the British press by saying “It is a crazy story.  Whoever wrote this is crazy. They have put it in the newspaper just to sell the newspaper – crazy, crazy people.”

Didn’t take him long to suss them out then!

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