Plenty Of Talk And Still No Money

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get really confused with all these transfer rumours flying around. I mean, one minute we’re being told we’re absolutely, positively, definitely not buying anyone in the transfer window and yet the next, we’re reading about the latest player we’ve been linked to.

Obviously I’m not naive, I realise the daily’s probably just want to sell copies, but if Chelsea are so adamantly sticking to their guns over their lack of spending why do the papers keep coming out with this stuff on a daily basis?Read More

John Terry’s Departure A Possibility?

I know I’ll probably upset a lot of supporters by suggesting it, but it’s just a thought – so bear that in mind.

I was thinking about Citeh’s boasts that not content with pinching Robinho from under our nose in the last transfer window (anyone seen the happy little Brazilian by the way?) and already giving us a rather decent sum of money for Wayne Bridge in this window, they’ve still got plans to try and lure Alex, Frank Lampard and John Terry away from us.Read More

Drogba Inviting Offers?

I guess it was too much to hope that we’d actually get through a day without some mention of the Didier Drogba ‘situation’ in the press. I mean, he was pathetic against United, dropped for a couple of games in favour of younger players and allegedly told he could go by Scolari.Read More

Villareal Testing The Waters On Malouda?


A little while ago, Luiz Felipe Scolari suggested any of his players who wanted out could go – at the right price.

Well, by all accounts that’s had Villareal sitting up to listen although they don’t appear to have heard the second part of Scolari’s statement. Because, whilst they apparently want to put a bid in for Florent Malouda, this bid is rumoured to be in the region of £9million.Read More

Injury Update: Joe Cole


Yesterday saw the release of pictures none of us wanted to see as yet another one of our players left hospital this season following knee surgery.

Joe Cole was seen leaving London’s Lister Hospital having undergone surgery on his cruciate knee ligament which will see him miss the rest of the season for us.Read More