Drogba Inviting Offers?

I guess it was too much to hope that we’d actually get through a day without some mention of the Didier Drogba ‘situation’ in the press. I mean, he was pathetic against United, dropped for a couple of games in favour of younger players and allegedly told he could go by Scolari. So what now?

Well, the sulky Ivorian has never made a secret of the fact that he never wanted to come to Chelsea in the first place and can’t wait to get away, so it’s hardly surprising that with a transfer window open he’s taking the opportunity to put himself right at the front of the shop window. Not just any old window though, because as we know – because naturally the Ivorian has already told us it all before – what his heart really desires is a move back to his former club. And why wouldn’t he? He never wanted to leave in the first place!

Anyway, the latest we’re hearing is Drogba stating “It’s unfinished business with Marseille. It’s hard to know if one day we will have the chance to finish this adventure, maybe in a better way. It hurts me to see people cry like that, asking me to come back. It’s tough for me to find the right words to explain the relationship that exists between Marseille fans and me. I still love this club and it will never change, whatever happens. I still feel at home there. It’s not necessarily the right moment for me to speak about a possible return to L’OM. I have a lot of respect for Chelsea and as long as I’m under contract with them, I can’t express myself. If something is made to happen, I don’t know on which conditions, L’OM are going to have to contact Chelsea.”

However, despite this very clear invitation from the player himself, the Chelsea boss has chosen to play down anymore speculation with the suggestion that a recall could even be on the cards. Scolari insists “Didier may be with the squad against Ipswich, he does not have a problem with me or the club.”

So, I guess the Marseille supporters can put their savings away for yet another transfer window!

4 Responses to “Drogba Inviting Offers?”

  1. Drobga is a good player of my good club allow hin to start macth in chelsea

  2. Nice of you to leave out the quotes from him saying it specifically wasn’t an invitation to bid. He was asked a question and answered it for some indeterminate time in the future. Marseille can’t afford him while he has any life in his playing days. this is for retirement, like when Zola went back to Cagliari. Or did you think that was just as bad just because Chelsea couldn’t maintain his wages?

  3. Squiddy – youre having a laugh mentioning Drogba in the same breath as Zola surely? Zola epitomised professionalism at Chelsea both on and off the field. Drogba doesnt know the meaning of the word.

  4. Pls drog should remain 4 atleast 2 more years cos he’s still vital 4 our team’s success