John Terry’s Departure A Possibility?

I know I’ll probably upset a lot of supporters by suggesting it, but it’s just a thought – so bear that in mind.

I was thinking about Citeh’s boasts that not content with pinching Robinho from under our nose in the last transfer window (anyone seen the happy little Brazilian by the way?) and already giving us a rather decent sum of money for Wayne Bridge in this window, they’ve still got plans to try and lure Alex, Frank Lampard and John Terry away from us.

Not that I think for one minute that Chelsea would let either of the latter two players leave, it still made me have a bit of a hypothetical think about it. And I sort of ended up thinking that whilst I’d be extremely reluctant to let Lampard go (yes, even after the slating I gave him over his contract!) I’d have to think twice about JT. Of course I know what he means to the players in terms of leadership,  if you can get past the sentimentality, it could be a pretty sound deal.

If we’re looking at going through a transitional period, bringing in one or two new players maybe but using our younger players as much as possible, then £40million for a central defender who’s looked vulnerable to injury much more frequently over the past couple of seasons has to be a bloody good deal doesn’t it? I mean, that would get us a couple of new players for a start – and players hopefully less susceptible to injury, so much more regularly available in other words. It could also facilitate the introduction of some younger players because god knows, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen any other way.

Obviously, the sticking point is what JT represents to Chelsea psychologically and in terms of presence, so maybe his loss would be felt too much for us to benefit from a £40million pay-off, but I don’t know, realistically has JT’s presence this season really delivered what it used to? Hand on heart I can’t say 100% that it has.

Your thoughts?

11 Responses to “John Terry’s Departure A Possibility?”

  1. I dont know about this one!. £40million quid for the England and Chelsea captain.. I dont know if I would take the money at this stage, he is the heartbeat of chelsea, has been here since he was 12 and , in my opinion, epitomises everything that “old” chelsea stands for.. the never say die attitude, the playing on whilst injuried, they why in which he would have his head kicked off by an Arsenal player trying to score in the Carling Cup Final… anyone else you can think of that would put himself on the line like JT.????………if the answer is NO then is that the type of spirt that we want to sell.. even if its £40 million.

  2. Are you serious? I don’t care how much oil money those Arabs offer us. Terry will NEVER leave us. I’d rather be content with those injuries than lose him. He’s an icon.

    How can this even CROSS your mind? 😐

  3. hi, am a good fan of chelsea.i believe is a nice idea to get rid of the old players that are no more productive,so we can start building another new team.i don’t like scolari ideology,chelsea need a vibrat coach.

  4. Zola – of course this can cross my mind. JT will leave Chelsea one day, be it through retirement or being sold – the question is simply ‘which one is the better option for Chelsea?’

    Nick – naturally I take the point about what JT represents to Chelsea which is why I acknowledged his significance could be the very reason not to sell him. Having said that, I’m not so sure about the old ‘never say die’ attitude at Chelsea anymore because with the exception of the Stoke game (which he didnt play in), we’ve seen very little, if any, of that this season. Does it even exist still? I guess that question will be answered between now and the end of the season.
    As for the ‘playing on when injured’, Im not so sure we havent seen a lot less of that this season as well, we certainly seem to have players out fairly frequently and there doesn’t seem to be as much of a rush to get back as there used to be – although maybe that decision isnt as much the players these days as it used to be, I don’t know.

  5. John Terry will leave us either by retirement or by being sold?

    Funny that i distinctly remember Terry talking about going into the backroom team at the Bridge, and then hopefully one day managing Chelsea.

    Terry will stay.

    As for the summer:
    Drogba out – Fabiano in
    Malouda/Kalou out (though preferably malouda, Kalou is still VERY young) – Robinho in

  6. I remember Terry talking about that as well, but wasnt the reason his contract took longer to sort out because he wanted assurances about a coaching role written in and Chelsea didn’t agree? I just don’t believe its a given that he’ll automatically join the backroom staff.

  7. Why in the world would he be sold? Even if Kenyon (Chelsea hierarchy included) was mad enough to accept the bid, 40 million in nonsense. More like a 100 million pound bid would be realistic.
    40 million won’t buy class like Sergio Ramos of Madrid. If you’re crazy enough considering replacing Mr. Chelsea.

  8. Peter Osgood…the king was sold, Alan Hudson another idol was sold, many more have been sold and one thing will stay….Chelsea FC!

  9. chopper should be frozen cryogenically until we can reclaim his dna for a new generation… heard the world’s end has reopened just up from riley’s on king’s road. big riley’s fan but i’m going to check out the new place this saturday. any1 with me?

  10. What this about Germans going to buy Chelsea? As it looks likely that both Liverpool and Chelsea will have new owners before the end of the transfer window?
    Funny how the English clubs are now traded like baseball cards or American football clubs.
    Will the new owners spend as much on players or be more professional in their approach?
    How will the players feel that instead of them get transferred the club does?
    Peter H who need soaps to watch when Football clubs are making headlines and stories that the depressing soaps cannot match. In fact it’s any wonder that I have never seen an episode of any soap for years maybe never!

  11. JT should never leave chelsea, but rather Anelka, Malouda, Scolari should leave 4 good cos they aint got d blue blood runing in their veins. We are back 2 wining ways and it will continue…