Plenty Of Talk And Still No Money

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get really confused with all these transfer rumours flying around. I mean, one minute we’re being told we’re absolutely, positively, definitely not buying anyone in the transfer window and yet the next, we’re reading about the latest player we’ve been linked to.

Obviously I’m not naive, I realise the daily’s probably just want to sell copies, but if Chelsea are so adamantly sticking to their guns over their lack of spending why do the papers keep coming out with this stuff on a daily basis?

Take yesterday for example, in the space of an hour I’d read one report where yet again Kenyon had insisted we wouldn’t bring in any cover for Joe Cole and another report saying we were prepared to go up against both Manchester United and Real Madrid for Antonio Valencia. No quotes of course, just the suggestion that with Shaun Wright-Phillips sold to Citeh, Joe Cole out for the season and Kalou and Malouda now our only wide options, a £7million bid could be in the offing.

Mind you, I was also sat reading how Scolari had earmarked Jermaine Pennant whilst at the same time listening to a report on Sky Sports telling me Pennant had actually gone on loan to Pompey! So, that doesn’t lend all that much credibility to the other stories I read linking us to both David Bentley and Argentina’s Di Maria does it?

My guess is we just wait to see what happens when Scolari asks the club for the money – because obviously the press assure us this is going to happen too!

One Response to “Plenty Of Talk And Still No Money”

  1. bloody ridiculous if you ask me… we’re all going to hell in a handcart. kenyon should have stayed with the reds, the big bald-headed baby-faced b@$t@rd. the fact is we the fans are no longer considered ‘need to know’ candidates. bring back batesy. on the plus side, however, walking down king’s road last saturday we went for a drink at the re-opened world’s end, now called the chelsea bar (nice name guys!). we ended up staying for a meal and had some of the best food we’ve had in the area. big bunch of us dropped by and sat in the bistro upstairs; great service, great food, perfect for a post-match banter and a meal. maybe see some guys there this weekend?