Man City Getting Greedy?

I’m starting to get the feeling it’d be easier to name the players at Chelsea, Citeh aren’t after.

They’ve had Shaun Wright-Phillips, they’ve had Wayne Bridge, we’re hearing they plan to try and get both Frank Lampard and John Terry, and they might even put in a £15million bid for Alex.

They don’t appear to have stopped there though, they are the richest club in the world after all. So, as ironic as it is, we’re now hearing they’ve picked out yet another one of our players they fancy taking to Middle Eastlands and this time it’s our Serbian defender, Branislav Ivanovic.

The 24 year old has already been reported to be planning to hand in a transfer request and his agent now claims Citeh are ready with a £9million bid. Vlado Borozan says “We have an offer from Manchester City and they have been tracking Ivanovic since last summer.  We will now evaluate their bid, although the ball is still in Chelsea’s court.”

Mind you, that doesn’t necessarily mean Ivanovic is off to Citeh, because the players agent suggests Inter are still interested, suggesting “I would not rule out Inter just yet, because should a move to the Citizens (City) fall through, I feel the lad could become a Nerazzurro player at the end of the season.”

15 Responses to “Man City Getting Greedy?”

  1. I’m sure West Ham felt the same when Cole and Lampard were poached from them. We should take it as a compliment, they want the best and we have the best.

  2. What’s up? Don’t like the taste of your own medicine?

    I fail to understand why you believe that quality players who want to play feel they owe it to Chelsea to maybe get a couple of games a season in and be happy with that.

    If you don’t want these player to be picked off by other clubs then don’t buy them in the first place – either that or play them regularly.

  3. Well Shaunie was returning home and as for being after some of your better players your Manager is still coveting Robinho. Don’t Chelsea alsothink they can sign who they want? Feels different when you are on the receiving end doesn’t it?

  4. Stop whingeing. You did it yourselves before thw russian gangster became skint

  5. Can’t really see were the greed comes in, wanting to by players in order to strengthen your squad does’nt add up to greed.
    One thing Manchester City aren’t doing is buying players in order to weaken the opposition, which Chealsea did with SWP and one or 2 other players.
    If City are buying your players you should be grateful as they are having to pay well over the odds for anyone they want, ask yourself where the greed really is, I’ll give you a clue, the clubs demanding unrealistic fee’s,
    you should know all about that at Chelsea.
    Sounds like the kettle calling the pot yet again.

  6. Hey City ( thats how you spell it by the way!!) aren’t getting greedy, we just want to have a team capable of breaking into the top 4. Just so happens Chelsea do have a lot of top quality players, who could help us with that dream!!

  7. You lot, more than any club should remember what it was like before you acquired your wealth. Lets not forget, before Abramovich, City had won more major trophies than yourselves and I still can remember a time not so long ago when you were poor relations to QPR.
    So while Chelsea give it this *big 4* arrogant bollocks, I think a little reminder of your own roots and history wouldn’t go amiss before slinging mud for crimes you lot invented.

  8. This is all very tiring and boring now. The facts are that City have made the bids they have made. Probably they will make one or two more. the papers will know absolutely nothing about city’s bids until they are on the table, So all this conjecture is simply that! You guys shouldn’t get excited by the trash distributed my a very poorly informed media, who like to listen when agents are peddling their goods.

  9. The rumours around Robinho will go nowhere – but the fact is – Scolari has unsettled a lot of your players through lack of use – despite the come from behind last min win last week – Chelsea seem out of sorts this season – Less connected.

  10. Chelsea are absolutely massive & how dare anyone want to leave. After all, they did attract a massive 8500 when they played MCFC in 1988/89. At such time most of those biggotts were probably watching Arsenal, Spurs or West Ham. Proper clubs with proper history

  11. Players City have been linked with for first time this month: (36)

    Jan 1st – (8) Wayne Bridge (signed Jan 3rd), Roque Santa Cruz, Craig Bellamy (signed Jan 19th), Marcos Senna, Kolo Toure, Joleon Lescott, Shay Given, Scott Parker.
    Jan 2nd – (4) Kleber, Samuel Eto’o, Kaka, Lukas Podolski.
    Jan 3rd – None.
    Jan 4th – (4) Michael Owen, Mikel Arteta, Fabian Delph, Jermaine Defoe (gone to Spurs Jan 6th).
    Jan 5th – (3) Bafetimbi Gomis, Adriano, David Trezeguet.
    Jan 6th – (5) Yaya Toure, Kevin Nolan, John Terry, David Villa, Lionel Messi.
    Jan 7th – None.
    Jan 8th – None.
    Jan 9th – (2) Mauro Zarate, Taye Taiwo.
    Jan 10th – None.
    Jan 11th – (3) Andrei Arshavin, Carlo Cudicini, Miguel Veloso.
    Jan 12th – None.
    Jan 13th – (2) Diego, Philipp Lahm.
    Jan 14th – None.
    Jan 15th – (1) Nigel de Jong.
    Jan 16th – (1) Carlos Kameni.
    Jan 17th – None.
    Jan 18th – None.
    Jan 19th – None.
    Jan 20th – None.
    Jan 21st – None.
    Jan 22nd – (3) Branislav Ivanovic, Didier Drogba, Thierry Henry

  12. pot kettle black springs 2 mind, i know if i was sat on the bench all the time i would start 2 get frustrated and considder moving for a regular place, regard us being greedy at leat we arnt buying players just 2 weaken other teams which chelsea do all the time FACT,
    and neway i dont want drgba in our team he is arrogant and not a team player
    its all media rubbish and long may it continue coz all it will make r team bond 2gether more

  13. I love it when an article brings out the jealousy and anger of another club. Face it, Man City will be the best club in the Championship next season, maybe.

    Also, can you please find a better topic to bitch about then a club’s history? It’s getting old.

  14. I wouldn’t believe everything you read in the press – we’ve been linked with over 100 players now, which I think says more about the standard of sports journalism in Britain rather than how ‘greedy’ City are.

  15. Hows The revolution coming on then Citeh fans ? what you won yet then ? nothing is it ? you’re certainly talking like you did”.We,re gonna do this, we,re gonna sign that”. Don,t make me laugh.