JT Apology For Giving A S***

Oh dear, it appears Mr Capello is none too happy with our skipper after his impromptu press conference the other night. You see whilst Terry no doubt saw it as a bit of a battle cry ahead of our ‘must win game’ against Slovenia, rather than standing behind their former leader, it looks as if the ‘troops’ have been left scuffing their heels in the dirt awkwardly and whistling away in an effort not to hear his words – because they’re not interested. And neither is the England boss quite frankly.

Nope, Mr no-nonsense Capello is ever so slightly pissed off that the player he’d already stripped of his captaincy because he’d slept with a team-mates missus, ex-missus, mother of child, gold-digger, someone his former team-mate impregnated once upon a time, should care enough about England’s shoddy World Cup campaign so far, to dare say so. I mean, how outrageous that an England player should actually give enough of a shit eh?

Ok, so if something needs to be said it is customary for it to come from the captain, but the captain isn’t around and his stand in doesn’t appear to care that much about his club these days, nevermind his country. And yes, maybe Frank Lampard should have stepped in and reminded JT it probably isn’t his place these days but even he, in all honesty, doesn’t show half as much conviction in an England shirt as he does wearing Chelsea colours.

Whatever, JT obviously felt he had to do something. And right or wrong, poor choice of delivery or not, somebody needed to do something. Capello’s tactics and team selection haven’t worked and yet even with us staring a World Cup exit in the face, he didn’t look like doing anything about it. So whilst he might be happy to sit back nonchalantly, still giving the players five minutes of mental preparation and still leaving players ;like Joe Cole on the bench whilst anyone ineffectual who didn’t even merit playing time for Chelsea, much less sub appearances, get a game.

However, in defence of his questionable management and what he considers to be John Terry’s questionable reaction, Capello stated “I spoke with some players but only John Terry said this. No one speak with me about the problems. My door is open always and if you want to speak with me, you can speak with me. Every time we have a meeting I ask the captain, problems? You want to say something? Never. I read yesterday that John Terry said this, and I don’t understand why he don’t speak with me every time. I think he’s more disappointed some players because when you speak you have to speak privately, not with you (the media). This is the big mistake, this is a very big mistake. It is not a revolution, it is one mistake from one player. But I hope sometimes from the big mistake comes a big performance.”

In response, the Chelsea captain (a little more exclusively this time) has had a quieter word with the press to put the record straight, stating “I went into yesterday’s press conference with the intention of being honest. I was asked a question about Joe Cole and maybe I went too far. But it was never my intention to upset the manager or the players and if I did upset anyone, I apologise. I have told the manager he has my total support and I would like to stress that I don’t believe I have been a disruptive influence in the camp. I would now like to put this episode behind me and concentrate on trying to win what is a massive game for England. All I was trying to do was to say how important it is to me to try to win the World Cup. I just hope people at least appreciate that I have taken the time to call you and have asked you to report what I have to say in response.”

Whats the betting they’ll be talking through divorce lawyers next?

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  1. On behalf of all United fans, a big thank you to Terry for his latest fuck up: http://therepublikofmancunia.com/a-big-thanks-to-john-terry-again

  2. Capello, his face depicts someone who is lost and unsure! He would have cared more only had he been an English (by blood)! That too (being an English) would have kept the armband with the right person! Does Capello even care? Wake up English fans!

  3. Nice to see John Terry’s gay chav lover sticking up for his
    Captain Johnny, bless!! Don’t worry love, he’ll be home Thursday night so you can give him a nice aromatherapy
    ego massage….don’t forget the Luther Vandross CD’s

  4. Hold on!!! the team is almost the same team that scored 34 goals in qualifying and yet has only managed one in the competition so far. This is a team game if one individual has something to say about the way things are then this should be done behind closed doors not in the press (take note of what happened to the French). This guy was our captain can you honestly say that his actions have helped our cause or as I feel caused a divide within the squad. He should be quiet encourage those who are struggling with the pressure in the squad and be the type of leader that is required. this team is most definatly struggling with the weight of expectation that has been placed on them and for the past two games look like rabbits caught in the headlights. Mr Terry you are a great leader and by god that is what we need from you now not “I know better than you” that we have seen over the last couple of days.

  5. maybe Capello should have got the captain to do the press conference then, with rose tinted glasses on.
    JT did not volunteer himself he was asked….so sadly it was Capello who got it wrong because JT only tells you how it is….

  6. Ok how it is!! we could not put two passes together for 90 mins. we did not show any type any type of disire to win the game. I accept that maybe cappello has made mistakes, but ultimatly the way we played that is down to the 11 men on the pitch. One thing is for certain I’ve have see championship players play better than we played. We have 23 profesional very well paid players and no one person should be able to make or break the team. Finally no-one including Capello told Terry to say what he said he took that on himself. the team played badly now move on and make it right don’t blame this that or anything else just do what your paid to do “simple”

  7. Firstly I would like to that I am big JT fan, always have been, always will be. I have been supporting Chelsea for over 40 years (albeit at a distance for the last 25 years as I live in Corsica)
    Having said that I think that JT should make sure his brain is in gear before opening his mouth. I can understand his frustration : he’s not playing well, neither is the team, he’s no longer team captain, and he’s under even more pressure than the other players cos he’s having to hold the central defence together.
    However his “rallying call” is inappropriate and badly timed. Capello had already said that he would be making changes, even before the WC got underway he’d said that England would play 4-4-2 for the first two games and then change for Slovenia.
    If Capello puts Joe Cole on the park it will look like he’s given in to JT; nobody likes having their arm twisted.
    JT doesn’t have to come out with a statement of intent to prove to everyone just how much he loves playing for England, WE KNOW IT ALREADY, and the rest of the boys are just as patriotic.
    One of the problems with Capello’s man-management resides in the fact that England is his first job as international team manager, and it’s no easy job keeping a squad of 23 players on the boil for over a month. It’s certainly not the same as being a club manager.
    A French analyst said after “le fiasco” this afternoon, that at least 9 squads present at the WC were on the point of exploding as they are under so much pressure and scrutiny. Are global epectations too high?

  8. Terry was guilty of only repeating what countless fans and pundits have been saying on various phone-ins and shows. David James’ post-match comments after the Algeria game were far more inflammatory towards Capello but nothing was made of that.
    Instead aresholes like Matt Lawton of the Mail, who has had a long-standing agenda against JT, completely twist things by making out he was trying to start some kind of revolution against the manager when it was nothing of the sort.
    I used to be a passionate England fan but quite frankly I couldn’t give a toss anymore. The sooner JT, Lamps and Ashley Cole retire from international football and concentrate on their club the better. At least they’re efforts appreciated by the Chelsea fans rather than the moronic tabloid-influenced sheep that follow England.

  9. I think Terry just wanted to have clear the air talks like we did this season. Guess what? It worked, our form improved and we did the double. Really seems blown out of all proportions which shouldn’t suprise anyone, considering how much he is hated around the country. Not a smart move, but also I am suprised none of the pundits remember the clear the air talks at chelsea….it’s almost like they don’t pay attention to us.

  10. Oh well, what do you expect when the “memory chip of hating JT’ has been planted ever since…the present captain of England?? ..who couldn’t care less or bother about the country, bet in his mind is about choosing a new club for the next season….

    When what David James said were more than inflammatory than JT, no one give a damn about it!

  11. haha, Terry was arguably Englands best player today so FUCK YOU HATERS