John Terry: From Sinner To Saviour?

How fickle is England eh? From the booing of travelling support to the jeering man in the street, everyone had written us off – and reveled in it days ago – none more so than the press. John Terry’s ‘outburst’ was like an axe hanging over his head, ready to be swung by every journalist in the country.

Make no mistake about it, if we hadn’t won yesterday, John Terry was this tournament’s get out clause, the scapegoat England insists on having to excuse a multitude of sins on the pitch. It doesn’t matter that there’s eleven men on the field and a manager with equal responsibility, the press have to have one focus for their venom. The supporters have to have someone to vent their spleen on. And this year that man was all set to be the former England captain.

Of course, he’d made himself an easy target. It’s easy not to like John Terry – he makes it easy. Whilst Chelsea supporters idolise their ‘leader and legend’, opposition supporters have gone from tolerating him to detesting him. And why wouldn’t they? He seemed to have the press kissing his arse for years irrespective of his antics on and off the field until ‘Bridge-gate’. The England team too, seemed to support his choice as captain, and why wouldn’t they? Until he shat on that particular doorstep!

And then it all changed…..he wasn’t that strong, respected, bull-dog spirited leader anymore. Stripped of his captaincy and apparently any respect the team had once had for him, he was sold down the river by players who might once have had his back. Speaking his mind in the same way John Terry has for years, bullishly trying to rally the troops – except they appeared to stop listening – or at least pretended they had as soon as the manager’s thoughts became clear.

So, if England, or more specifically John Terry had failed to deliver yesterday, it would have been the former captain’s face splashed across the back pages of every rag as the culprit, the guilty party, the national hate figure. Today though, not only has he got a reprieve but he’s got journalists back on their knees to get somewhere close to his rear end after his performance – and it’s so laughable it’s almost tragic.

Just days ago England was in disarray and according to the world and his wife, John Terry was to blame for whatever disruption there might be in the camp. Therefore, he would be solely responsible for our exit. Except we didn’t go out and John Terry did play his part in that.

So, instead of the damning verdicts the press might have had prepared, there seems to have been a total about-turn (in some quarters anyway) and whilst at Chelsea, we’re pretty used to seeing the captain throwing himself bodily at just about anything, it seems that one particular journo is completely smitten by what he witnessed yesterday afternoon, gushing “It was a freeze-frame moment; a study of determination that appealed to the core of Fabio Capello and what he demands. Having hurled his body in the way of one fierce Slovenian shot, John Terry scrambled up and projected himself, almost horizontally, towards another. His nose was just about brushing the turf, his neck muscles straining as he desperately tried to stop the ball. He was engulfed in one aim. They will not score. Terry narrowly missed but maybe he had done enough to unsettle the dangerous Valter Birsa and Glen Johnson was there to hack clear.

It was the 68th minute of Wednesday’s match, thick with tension, a tension that only increased, and it was as close as Slovenia came to breaching the England goal. It was also an episode which captured the essence of why Terry remains a remarkably committed, valuable defender even if his stock has dwindled dramatically off-the-field through recent months.”

A little dramatic but then again, I suppose at the time, his diving salmon impression did look a bit heroic. But it’s nothing we don’t see from him week-in-week out, which is why Chelsea tolerate (and for some even hero-worship) some of his less savoury antics because whilst he might be accused of a lot of things (and justifiably so sometimes), nobody could ever accuse John Terry of being a coward.

That ‘bravery’ has put him on the back pages for the right reasons today, but it’s a fragile truce right now and if he’s going to come out of this World Cup unscathed, he might have to go one better than the salmon – and actually walk on water!

9 Responses to “John Terry: From Sinner To Saviour?”

  1. Brilliant article.

  2. Good on ya D, tell it like it is.
    I’m watching Italy get “stuffed ” 1 – 0 by Slovakia with Stoch having a good game. I still have a sneaky feeling that the squadra azzura will get a very late equalizer and go through to the detriment of the Kiwis on the “better attack” rule.

  3. It is a joke seeing so many rival blogs blast Terry yet go quiet today regarding him

    Hell, if you read United’s Repulik blog…Neville sticks up for Terry and what do they do? Ignore it…figures

  4. As we know Terry is a media scapegoat, but am I the only one in thinking England’s dip in form is because Terry has been stripped of the captaincy? of course the media would keep this quiet as it was them who largely contributed to his downfall. Without ranting on about the morals of the England players (how long have we got?) on the pitch Terry is the original captain Marvel (not some faker from Merseyside) yes he will always play his heart out, but the captaincy issue is Capello’s biggest mistake.

  5. Sums up England fans for me. John Terry is an odious human being and ran the risk of fucking up England’s World Cup hopes with that embarrassing press conference effort… but because he dives along the ground to try (and fail) to block a shot, he’s hailed as some kind of brave hero. Who are the real heroes?

    “I would love to serve, of course. Put your life on the line for the country – I would love to,” Terry said of the army.

    Go on then. There’s nothing stopping you. On behalf of England, I would fully support you being on the front line.

  6. Scott The Red, you’ve gone from being the gobshite of Man Utd fans to speaking on behalf of the country now, have you?
    You really are a Grade A tosser!
    What do you care about England anyway? Don’t you normally shout for Argentina with the rest of the muppets that frequent Old Trafford?

  7. Gatling Gun – I apologise. I speak on behalf of England minus Chelsea fans, who for some baffling reason think John Terry is some kindof god, despite his sleepless nights over City’s offer and sleepless nights with your former player’s bird.

    Interesting that you choose to resort to playground name calling rather than counter any of the points I make.

    Argentina, Portugal, not really bothered to be honest.

  8. Scott-The-Red, you’ll find that Chelsea fans are well aware of John Terry’s flaws both on and off the pitch. It’s a case of us sticking up for the captain of our club in the face of moronic tabloid-induced jibes from rival supporters.
    I’m pretty sure you must’ve felt the same when Beckham in 1998 and Rooney in 2006 were made scapegoats for England’s World Cup demise in those tournaments.

  9. First of all I dont have any afilliation to any fottball I have no axe to grind!
    In my opinion,apart from England overhyping themselves and their distinct lack of technical ability compared to many countries,some other more sinister forces were at work during the World Cup.
    Jon Terry was on a payback mission. His over inflated ego was badly dented when he lost his captaincy and he hasnt been able to deal with it like a man.I strongly suspect that he did his best to divide the england camp to get himself back into the captains role.I suspect that this may have been done by dividing the team around the issue of Capellos competency.Putting it in simple terms he stirred the shit up amongst the let of them.
    So this split team,together with their woeful lack of ability and effort…gave us the result that we got.
    If you think this is far fetched …then just be patient and wait for it to unfold !!!