All Aboard The England Bandwagon?

Victor Meldrew is alive and well and living in a town near you!

The moaners and groaners, the doubters, the defeatists, you’ll hear them around you everywhere today…..yes, England have a game.

Does everyone in England get behind their country though? Course not, we’re playing the bloody Germans and still, there are loads of them out there who were born and brought up in England, have earned a very nice living thankyou out of the country, who’ve taken the free health care, and yet when it comes to showing a bit of pride in the national side, forget it because the anti-England brigade would rather see us fail.

Imagine that eh? Is there any other country who’d have that mindset? Nope, everywhere else, they’ll be celebrating just taking part in a World Cup. Partying in the streets, win, lose or draw. Not us though, we’re more interested in JT’s private life because that clearly affects his game doesn’t it? Or the size of Frank Lampard’s waistline because compared to half the beer-bellied supporters he really doesn’t have any muscle tone does he?!

Of course, if we can pull something off today there won’t be a spare seat to be had on the bandwagon, same as last week. But that’s not what you’ll hear in the pubs around England today, you’ll hear ‘ffs James you muppet…..Frank you fat b******……..come on England, you useless bunch of t******……..I knew it, knew we’d get turned over…..” or phrases to that effect.

Not that no-one can let go of club football and all the prejudices that go with it or anything. But just to make it clear – this is our national side we’re talking about here, where they’re all playing for the same cause. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Gerrard as much as the next man and I think Carragher should never have got the shirt on his back again once he’d walked away but even I can put those prejudices aside for 90 minutes.

The lads proved the doubters wrong last week and with a bit more of a push up front – and hopefully the lightbulb moment where Capello susses he’s left his most creative player on the bench for most of the World Cup so far, they could just do it again today. And if they don’t……well, it’ll give the nation what they love best……a bloody good moan.

Anyone fancy getting behind them then?


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