Chelsea’s Bounce-back-ability

So, we lost our first game this weekend and the footballing world seems to be delighted. I mean, didn’t they all predict it? We’re not very good after all, are we? Or is it because we’re such a threat that that’s just what they all want to believe?

Fair play, we weren’t very good against City, in fact, our players just didn’t look arsed but then it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve played rubbish against them would it? Personally I’m beginning to think that our performances against City are down to a sheer lack of respect for them but maybe that really is just a personal opinion. As far as us failing some major ‘test’ though, as I keep saying, we lost to them twice last season but it didn’t stop us either taking the title or scoring a record 103 goals to do it.

And whilst I suppose it’s true, prior to playing City, we had played clubs a lot nearer the foot of the table than they’d like to be but then, they’re still games it’s important to get the points from as well (and racking up a bit of goal difference never goes amiss either). I’m sure Arsenal would have preferred a 6-0 win at home this weekend but as yet, I’ve to hear the masses writing them off.

Arsenal haven’t won anything for a while though, whilst for us, it’s been three Premier League titles, three FA Cups and two League Cups in six years and whilst the biggie continues to elude us, it isn’t that long ago we were at least in the final. So, do they have more credibility because they have less money? Well, it was City buying anyone who could lace a pair of boots this summer, not us. In fact, we offloaded a fair few of our high earners and replaced them with two signings on smaller salaries and a few of our youngsters, so it can’t be down to that old chestnut anymore.

We don’t even have the motor mouths of Mourinho and Kenyon to berate us for anymore, and the ‘boring, boring’ tag definitely doesn’t sit with the sort of football we’ve played under Ancelotti. Fortunately, neither does the idea of us falling apart after one defeat because the response to this sort of setback under Carlo Ancelotti is usually to use it to our advantage.

So yes, we probably were getting a bit carried away with all the goals we’d banged in before this weekend and playing against a side prepared to park a bus probably did come as a bit of a shock but we’ll face much tougher tests than City as the season goes on and I’m sure our response to this weekend’s defeat will make it clear we’re ready for them.

3 Responses to “Chelsea’s Bounce-back-ability”

  1. Was I watching a different game to all else? Yes we were beat, yes we didn’t appear the same team but thats us setting silly standards and yes, overall City did a good job on us but be fair crazies of all those other sites that gloat on Chels miz; we had the better chances, Tevez finish aside, hitting the woodwork, glaring misses. A draw maybe fairer. Put simply, City beat us far more convincingly last season and we know how that finished. Lets see how the two teams progress from here and Chelsea D; bouncebackability, you’re right; over to you Chelsea…PS well done Robbie D

  2. The way ManU and Arsenal are playing I’m not so certain that Chelsea didn’t just have it’s toughest league match of the season.

  3. People will say whatever they want to say, and believe whatever they want to believe.

    But the bottom line is this – Chelsea won the previous title even though we lost both City matches. Chelsea won all the matches against the title contenders, and then some, to get there. And I’d rather keep it that way – let the City have the bragging rights of beating the League Champions twice. We’d still be league champions, regardless.

    And as a side note – all the people turning up their noses at how Chelsea lost seem to forget that City isn’t exactly a bad team, that they do have good players, and Tevez (for all of him having the tact and maturity of a five-year-old) is one of the premier scorers in the league today. The man is deadly – and if we managed to contain him to let off only one goal on our off day, that’s something to think about too.