Chelsea Gossip: The Fate of Ramires, Malouda’s Brazilian Dream & Fergie Gets A Maths Lesson

Well, it’s international time again so not a lot happening really but here’s some Chelsea stuff from around the sites today:

FootballFanCast wonders about the fate of Ramires.

OffThePost thinks Fergie has his maths wrong about Chelsea’s ‘easy’ start.

Teamtalk tell us who thinks Ashley Cole is England’s best left-back

TalkSport tell us Malouda dreams of playing in Brazil

While the Daily Mail resurrect the old Kaka chestnut

6 Responses to “Chelsea Gossip: The Fate of Ramires, Malouda’s Brazilian Dream & Fergie Gets A Maths Lesson”

  1. Ancelotti will rotate his squad and Ramires will be afforded the opportunity to adapt to Premier football and prove his worth. He has tremendous potential and I predict an excellent future for him with the Blues.

    Poor Fergie is suffering from “sour grapes” and is utterly delusional. Ancelotti is quite correct in ignoring his paranoid outbursts. Mancini was spot on in his references to Man. Utd. They are a bunch of “has beens”.

    Ashley Cole is an amazing athlete and the best left full back in the Premiership. I rate him a “world class” footballer who has reached his full potential since he came to the Bridge. Ancelotti knows how to get the best out of him.

    Malouda’s contract has been extended until the summer of 2013, at which time he will be way beyond his prime. His time at the Bridge will be appreciated by the fans and he should be thankful to Ancelotti for bringing the best out of him. Good luck to him if he intends to finish his career in Brazil.

    I would be delighted if Kaka comes to the Bridge and renews his close bond with Ancelotti who has demonstrated he can get the best out of the Brazilian when he was manager at Milan.

  2. fuck chelsea is all about man u!!
    red is the colour not blue

  3. The way the injuries are going Zhirkov and Ramires will get plenty of PT. By January Carlo will probably have to sign another player.

  4. jessica – you obviously put a lot of thought into that comment. I’m sure your contribution was taken seriously, lol.

  5. I have a hard time believing that Liverpool, regardless of who the owner is come January, will be seriously considering Kaka. A team with financial troubles is not going to want to drop whatever huge sum Real will want, and certainly not for a player who will be out injured for most of the season. At this point, the Scousers are starting to face a relegation battle, and they are not going to want to saddle themselves with a huge transfer debt and salary for someone who will not be able to contribute much. Even if he is healthy, it usually takes a little while for foreign players to adapt to the English game, so I doubt he would be much help if he is healthy or not.

    And I doubt Chelsea would be interested in Kaka as well, unless they could get him for a bargain.

  6. Jon – the press seem to link us with Kaka out of sheer habit now. Roman’s shown no signs of a return to his initial spending, in fact, we’re told time and again that’s a thing of the past and quite rightly so. Kaka wouldn’t come cheap for a start and in all honesty probably wouldnt be the right sort of player for the Premier League anyway. I certainly dont get excited anytime we’re linked.