Ten Men, Another Penalty & Clichy Calls Chelsea Lucky!

Possibly not anticipating a result against City yesterday and maybe expecting his side to fall more than just the 5 points behind us after our win against Wolves, Arsenal’s Gael Clichy had a pre-match bitch to excuse what could’ve come.

Obviously they’d already lost to us and despite having an extra man and their 9th penalty so far this season, despite the 3-0 scoreline, Arsenal struggled for long periods against City but as Clichy pointed out before the game, we’d be struggling if we had injuries to deal with as well.

The Frenchman whinges “(Winning a trophy) has become an obsession. When you play for a club like Arsenal, you don’t lack the mentality. You are a winner. To be at the top level, whether it’s NBA, NFL or whatever, you are a winner. If we play for Arsenal instead of another club in another country with smaller teams, it’s because we have the winning mentality. After, it is other things that make the difference. You don’t want to hide behind this but come on – at Chelsea, we missed van Persie, Fabregas, Walcott, who was on fire, and Vermaelen. Take off Drogba, Lampard, Malouda and Terry from Chelsea and it’s a different story. The fact is we’ve been without some massive players and it’s quite difficult to cope. Football is sometimes not just as simple as ‘you are the best team so you are going to win’.”

Funny thing is, I was under the impression Frank Lampard hadn’t played for us since August but then he’s obviously not a key player. And I suppose the fact that we’ve recently had Drogba, Lampard, Benayoun, Kalou, Alex and Sturridge missing in the Premier League and Champions League, have Jose Bosingwa just back after a year out and were forced into playing an unfit John Terry, must make us as lucky as the Arsenal defender says.

Personally, I think we’d probably consider ourselves fairly lucky if we were the ones racking up 9 penalties and getting to play against ten men on 4 occasions so far but we just have to make do with not having any key players out apparently!


57 Responses to “Ten Men, Another Penalty & Clichy Calls Chelsea Lucky!”

  1. how can a club be ‘unlucky with injuries’ for 3 years? Maybe Wenger should be looking for players who aren’t injury prone and are able to complete a whole season.

  2. @kris, and when our more experienced players last the whole season, i’ll shall remember your comment…and smile!

  3. All arsenal fans are just bitter because they haven’t won even a sliver of silver in years, the excuses are to hide the dissapointment, end of. They’ll become the next liverpool, just living on the past.

  4. Ahhhh, the gooners. Maybe if you stop recruiting for your ladies team and try getting some men (or hell, keep getting your little toyboys for Arse) that can manage to make it to the pitch and play with that terrible hangnail or bruised rear (if you can see what I am implying with this after a Arsene boytoy comment), you can keep a fully fit squad. Recruit some men, don’t challenge a 50/50 if you can’t stand up to it, and don’t hide behind excuses. You are such a big club! Then it must really suck that you have been 2nd tier to such a puny club for the last 6-7 years. Oh, and we missed perhaps the best all around mid for almost a year and still won the double. Cheer up Arse fans, you can always win the war for flopping. Yes, they are all deserved PKs, just like Almunia is a world class keeper. Maybe someday you will stop being a feeder club for ManCity. And maybe some day you will beat a top tier team 11 v 11.

  5. I really do respect Arsene Wenger and his ability to develop talent, just felt like a good knock or two was necessary.

  6. Am jxt surprised at some big-mouthed arsenal fans,clichy’s rants,Wenger and Emirate.
    U fans lack vivid understanding of situationsam begining to wonder if there’s a plan to elevate the trophy drought to more 4yrs thereby setting a club record ‘A DECADE NO TROPHY’,yet they tell me ‘IN WENGER WE TRUST’,got no word for clichy he’s jxt e*****t,EMIRATE

  7. its funny the amount of arsenal fans that came to this site just to argue, suppose they have nothing better to with their time since their team has done fuck all for the past 5 seasons