Ramires: Life Under The Microscope

I’ve always said the Premier League is the toughest league in the world for foreign players to come in to and it seems Ramires thinks that’s about right.

Our Brazilian midfielder has already had a taste of life under the Premier League microscope and suggests “At Cruzeiro and Benfica, there was also huge pressure to get good results. The difference at Chelsea is that the level of visibility is so much greater. That means you’re singled out more when you play badly and there’s more hype when you play well.”

Ramires doesn’t have any concerns where the physicality of the Premier League is concerned though and is more than happy to shuffle into the Stamford Bridge pack wherever he’s needed, stating “As well as being a player who tries to start moves when I have the ball, I’ve always liked a tackle, so that’s why I’m not finding it very hard to adapt. I’m already getting used to the speed of the game over here. All I need to do now is to keep working hard to earn my spot in the side and help the team stay as successful as they’ve been in recent years.

Since then, I’ve played a few times as a box-to-box midfielder, which is my original position and the same one where Mano Menezes has been using me for the national team. But, to be honest, it’s not hard for me to play anywhere in midfield. I’ll play whichever way Ancelotti thinks works best for the team at any given time.”

I’m really liking the lad’s attitude.

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