Lampard’s Back!

It might have taken him since August to find his way to the pitch but Frank Lampard has finally been spotted on the field in a Chelsea kit!

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Spurs 1-1 CHELSEA: Goals & Highlights (Video)

1st half

2nd half

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It Could Be Worse….We Could Have Tevez!

I read the latest Tevez stories with the usual amount of disgust I feel anytime I read about the greedy Argie midget Carlos Tevez. I mean, imagine having a player like him at your club eh? Imagine being held to ransom by someone who thinks he’s bigger than the team – well apparently some Chelsea supporters are imagining just that!Read More

Another Chelsea Boss Under The Microscope

As yet another Chelsea manager goes under the public microscope, it seems everything that comes out of Carlo Ancelotti’s mouth is subject to scrutiny now.

This week, ahead of today’s game against Spurs, he’s described as a ‘desperate man’ because he’s apparently admitted he doesn’t know if we can beat them.Read More

Spurs vs CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: White Hart Lane

Date: Sunday, 12 December

Kick-off: 1600 GMT

We might have enjoyed playing Spurs a few years ago, back in the days when it when it was definitely ‘Three Point Lane’ but that 19 year unbeaten run was always bound to come to an end one day and since it has, we’ve gone 5 years without a win there.Read More