Cech Seeing The Problem In Front Of Him

We all know things ain’t happening for Chelsea right now and it seems to be pretty much all over the pitch but for Petr Cech, particularly after Monday night, the real problem is right in front of his eyes.

According to our keeper, our defensive display Monday night ranks as the worst he’s seen in his six years at Chelsea and with us sitting outside the top four ahead of tonight’s game, Cech admits “We are not used to seeing Chelsea play the way we are playing at the moment. The reality is we aren’t doing the right things on the pitch, we are making mistakes and we got punished for the mistakes. On the second and third goals, it was really unlike Chelsea. I don’t remember since I’ve been here us conceding two goals in one minute like that. We are making the wrong choices all over the pitch, defensive-wise and attacking-wise. We have stopped doing the things we were doing at the start of the season when we didn’t concede goals and we were scoring a lot. Nobody’s happy with the situation but at the moment we can’t find the right chemistry on the pitch. We will try to find a solution and keep working. We aren’t throwing the towel in yet because we know everything can change fast.”

4 Responses to “Cech Seeing The Problem In Front Of Him”

  1. cech you was done fantastic ..keep it up..!!

  2. ”we will try to find a solution” Maybe thats the problem, they’re overthinking things. They’ve proven in the past the talent is there to beat any team, they just need to play their football and keep their eye on the ball, that simple.

    That said, Carlo needs to be a bit braver when we need to quickly change the course of a game. I’m a BIG supporter of Carlo’s but hes deffinately not perfect. You need a manager to be able to accelerate his team into the next gear (Mourinho-esque) and Carlo just isn’t doing that at the moment. He also puts too much faith in Anelka, when we’re down in a game we need to be quick to attack and go straight at the opposition defense – Anelka can be seen running in circles too often. Try Sturridge!

    Cech has been brilliant though, and i’m hoping a back-to-form Lampard will inject some stability and confidence into the rest of the team.

  3. Mr Petr U have just said the truth, that’s right. And to me, one of the problem of this club is that Mr Carlo (Mr manager) isn’t doing well at all. He doesn’t know how to make the right changes and which is very necessary in the football pitch.
    As for me the only solution is that we need Ray Wilkins’s replacemet, or begging him back to the club if possible. Because we like him, he has the quality it takes to manage CHELSEA, and he has laboured enough for the club.
    And that adequate discipline has to be introduced into the team. And lastly we need more, more big signings. In order to eradicate complacencies which have being our major problem. Most of our players so much believe that nobody can bench them, and for that they play for themselves instead of the club. Honestly we are not happy at all. We need changes right from this very moment.
    UP! UP!! UP!!! CHELSEA.

  4. he’s not going to chuck in the towel! that’s reassuring!