Anti-Torres Brigade Enrols New Member

When it comes to bitterness, no-one does it quite like Liverpool eh? As if we haven’t had to hear enough of it from their fans, we’ve now got their former players jumping on the bandwagon to pillory Fernando Torres.Read More

David Luiz: “I hope this is my time”

How rude, TheChelseaBlog completely forgetting its manners.

Amid all the excitement of signing Fernando Torres, the welcome of David Luiz from Benfica seems to have been tepid in comparison. Understandable maybe but we shouldn’t forget that in David Luiz we’re getting a young, versatile central defender who can play anywhere across the back four.Read More

Liverpool Hypocrisy Laughable Over Torres

Don’t those ‘lovable scousers’ make you smile? Well ok, grimace might be a better way to describe it but let’s not split hairs.

It’s not that I expect them to be happy Fernando Torres was desperate to get away from Anfield and sign for us – I wouldn’t be over the moon if it was Drogba to be honest – but it’s all a bit pot, kettle, black really.Read More