Well Done Ashley

ashley coleRead More

Open Letter To Fernando Torres


Dear Fernando,

Well done for getting your first game out of the way and I say ‘getting it out the way’ because it probably sums up how things went on your debut eh? Read More

Something Drastic Needed?


We can all hum and haw about the end result versus Liverpool. And rightly so. After spending a “mere” £75m in the past week, a goal was at least expected for Roman’s investments. And what happened?

We conceded and scored zilch. Absolutely nothing. Read More

CHELSEA 0-1 Liverpool: Return Of The Bus & We Forgot Our Passes

Ok, so it was brain-numbing stuff to watch yesterday as the Liverpool defense strangled the life out of the game and our forwards appeared happy to let them. Torres’ debut was a huge anti-climax and we probably would have done better bringing him on fro the bench. The formation didn’t help and we desperately needed some energy and creativity.Read More