VIDEO: Sturridge Scores Again For Bolton

szólj hozzá: Bo2-0Ev[]

On loan at Bolton, Daniel Sturridge put his team 2-0 up against Everton this evening.

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  1. And was close to a second

  2. Perhaps someone can explain to me why we kept “haven’t got a kalou” and loaned out studge ??

  3. We loaned out sturridge because Kalou is a much more accomplished player and can play either ringh or left wing, deep lying forward. Sturridge enjoys a great spell at the moment and I am glad he does. This may be the best thing that has happened to sturridge yet and it will boost his confidence, and hopefully he will be more confident for us next year as well as more experimented a player. After all, going on loan to a mid-table premier league team is the best thing you can hope for as a young and talented player. So Danny, if you read this, keep up the good work, your day as a chelsea player will come, sooner than you could think and thanks to this loan.

  4. My worry is with Owen Coyle’s comments post-match.

    Per Soccernet’s report:

    ‘Sturridge has made a flying start and Coyle said: “I am not surprised. These young players are just craving a platform to go and play. There are some terrific young talented players out there, most of them will be at the elite clubs. But there is no shame in not being in the Arsenal or Chelsea team.

    “If I feel there are players who can benefit Bolton I will do everything in my power to bring them here.”’

    Last thing I want is for Sturridge to make such improvements as a player, have the drive and passion to play, and yet leaves Chelsea because we simply can’t accommodate him. It’ll be a damn sad day if that ever comes to being.

  5. Then there is nothing to be worried about! If truly he makes drastic improvements, then he will play for Chelsea when he comes back. If still he does not fit into the manager’s plans, then we’ll be able to sell him at a better price. it is a win win situation.

  6. I hope either Anelka or Drogba is sold at the end of the season and Kalou gets promoted as the 3rd striker and Sturridge gets promoted to Kalou’s current position. We’ve got to use players like Sturridge since they’re proving to be good enough for the premiership.
    Time to start making money as a club now!

  7. Ian, it’s not a win win situation when we loan out a player who scores 3 goals in 3 and the rest of our team cant score a goal between them in 2 matches, and now we have pretty much buried our title chances once and for all this season

    look at the stats to see how many players actually come back to chelsea after loan spells ..very few !

    i think it is a big mistake to have let him go on loan when we need hungry young players to blend in with the more experienced guys. he’s old enough to be in the chelsea team and given starts even if mainly in the fa cup

    The rest of the team dont look like they can hit a barn door from 5 yards right now

  8. Steve, would you have said so just a month ago? I think the reason why Porridge has this much success at Bolton is that Owen Coyle tells him he is the best. Honnestly, when you have players like Drogba, Torres, Anelka, Kalou and Malouda to play up front, you don’t expect much playing time as a youngster do you? on the long term, it is a win win situation. Give Torres a few games to settle in, and I am sure you will have forgotten about Sturridge going out on loan. What is more worrying, and i cannot stress how important this is: where is Franky gone? He was absolutely nowhere nearby his standards. we couldn’t actually do more than 3 passes in the right timing and with the right accuracy. Sky’s commentator said something which is for me the reflection of the whole Fulham game: “And now Chelsea’s knocking on Fulham’s door”. And i immediately thought: the trouble is we keep on knocking but the guy inside is death and disabled, and we seemed to be too polite to let us in! Torres looked shy at best, Lamps was not even concerned or so it seemed (and he hurts to say this because I have nothing but respect and gratitude for this amazingly talented player). Essien did not seem to be willing to go forward as he usually does, Anelka simply did not know where to go and Malouda was bleak at best. The real good points to me were the attitude and defensive skills shown by Luiz and the impressive work from Ramires. I have to say that I agree about our title chances but this is why Sturridge’s loan helps. when he will come back next year, because he will, the lads will know he has a real chance to make it and he will work even harder and also with more experience.

  9. sorry *deaf