Heitinga Admits Foul Play


Yesterday’s game showed us a few things: Firstly, we need to kill games off but we knew that already, second, we’re absolutely shite at penalty shoot-outs, but again that wasn’t exactly news to us. It showed us something about Everton we might not already have known though – they’re a bunch of snidey fuckers.Read More

CHELSEA 1-1 Everton aet (3-4 pens): The Post Mortem

The romance of the FA Cup turned into more of a messy break-up for us yesterday after a two year spell together. Words fail me after yet another failure in a penalty shoot-out but here’s what some of the other sites think:

Talk Chelsea think we’re abysmal
ESPN tell us Carlo didn’t appreciate Dowd’s decisions
Vital Chelsea bring us their post-match thoughts
The official site debates penalties
And Goal.com give us their player ratings… Read More