Benayoun On Way Back, Shame About Joe Cole


Rumour has it Yossi Benayoun could make a return before the end of the season, with his recovery from an Achilles injury going better than expected.

We were a bit unlucky there, with the Israeli suffering the injury before we ever really got a chance to see what he could bring to Chelsea on a regular basis but Carlo Ancelotti now confirms “Yossi is starting to run after treatment. He’s starting to work individually, on the grass and in the sand. Everything is going well and I hope he will be ready before the end of the season.”

Mind you, you’d have to think we still did better out of that signing than Liverpool did with Joe Cole. When we signed Benayoun, we didn’t hail him as our biggest summer signing, nor did he talk about his ‘dream come true’. So, the fact that we’ve seen very little of him has almost gone unnoticed. The same can’t be said of Joe Cole’s absence from Liverpool, with our former midfielder already regarded a flop at Anfield.

Off he went to the ‘biggest club in the country’, to resurrect his career and fulfil his ‘dream’ following a lack of first team opportunities (and a bigger deal) at Chelsea and so far he’s reached the dizzy heights of 8 first team starts in the league.

Following a red card on his league debut, suspension and the predictable spells out injured, Joe Cole isn’t having the sort of impact he thought he would. Optimistic as ever though, the 29 year old insists “It’s not gone how I would have liked, but that’s life. Things like that happen and you’ve just got to push on through the difficult times. I’ve had plenty of good times in my career and I’ve had my share of difficult ones, but I’ll always come through. I’m determined to be a success here. I’m working hard every day and pleased we’re going in the right direction. If Liverpool can keep going, I’d love to be part of it. I haven’t enjoyed the football because I haven’t felt as though I have done myself justice or got myself right – I’ve been frustrated with the injuries, but that’s all going to change.

When I came up here I’d had offers in London, but I wanted to test myself, and to do that, you sometimes have to go through difficult times. I’m fired up, still positive and have still got enough energy – I want to be a success at Liverpool and I want to be part of this club. It still gets me excited when I go to Anfield. I haven’t played there for a long time, but I just want to get out there on the pitch and play. I’ll just keep going, keep training hard and it will turn the corner sooner rather than later.”

The thing with Cole though, is that he’s been saying the same sort of thing for years.

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  1. Obsessed.

    Nice one for the 50million you give us to take that sulkin injury prone, lying twat of a bad influence off us, yer shitty medium sized London club lol.

  2. Joe Cole is toilet. Yossi Benayoun was much better for us than this crock has been.

    Chelsea aren’t a big club though – they have paid for their success in recent years and have an impatient and petulent fanbase thanks to it.

    Players like Terry, A Cole and Drogba don’t help either.

    I hope you finish fifth, or worse, and bomb out of the Champions League.

  3. Aw do his words still hurt you? Get over it you sound like a jelous ex boyfriend. He’s gone! Move on!

  4. Seriously, you lot are obsessed with us, its pathetic.

  5. Same could be said bout torres, I can’t wait to see his face when you win fuck all. Joe will come good but your all jealous cos we got him in a free, an remember it was a ex LFC player who is keeping you in the Cl and your highest purchased player is from who oh yeah LFC an in this blog your talking about yet another of our players, this is getting bloody scary now lol. Face facts torres wants barca he’s not going to perform an he will get his switch end of 2012 reminds me of shevy another sugar daddy buys. No class no respect you southern monkeys.

  6. Right.

    Let’s see what you say about flops a few years, or even a few months down the road from now, especially when your 50 Million signing fails to justify his price tag.

    Don’t forget that we signed Joe Cole for free and didn’t pay you guys a dime for him. You guys on the other hand donated to us 50 Million to sign our new younger hungrier strike-force for the next 5 years in exchange for you guys getting a sulking perpetually injured sop who’ll probably sulk his way back to Spain in about 2 or 3 years after he’s failed to win anything for you.

    Then let’s talk about flops then.

    And to add insult to injury, he backtracked on his earlier claims that you guys were a bigger club than us, and finally admitted that we were indeed the bigger club after he joined you guys. Embarrassing.

  7. I’d like to know how you have come to the conclusion that a signing that has cost £6million and has made 3 substitute appearances is better than a free transfer, who has played more games than the £6million

    Looks to me as though you’re desperate 🙁 bless you.

  8. ‘Obsessed’.

    Says the Liverpool fan reading a Chelsea blog.

  9. Benitez – we didnt big Benayoun up, he came in as a squad player, so we havent had our manager come out and publicly say he’s flopped. Embarrassing tbh. Quite apart from that, the reason he’s barely made any appearances for us has been down to one Achilles injury not just because he isnt bloody good enough or he’s a perennial physio candidate.
    As for the comment about Torres’ face when he doesnt win anything lol, surely he’s accustomed to that? Although playing in the Champions League must make a nice change for him. 🙂

  10. Another proof that the success (that now has ended) came too soon to Chelsea for some Chelsea-fans. You have a total lack of class, very much like that Republik of Mancunia site (or something like that).

    Well, well… It may seem that I hate you lot (or at least dislike you very much), but I have to say that I am very appreciative of your club after you gave us £50 mill. out of the blue… I heard you got a player in return, but I have to admit, I have not noticed yet who it was..

    Was it that Yossi Bendyourpoon you mentioned in your piece? I have never heard of him…

  11. As you seem to be totally engrossed with Liverpool FC I fail to understand why you say you follow Chelsea. It would seem a psychiatrist would ome in handy at Chelsea. Perhaps you could get one for about £50M. He would even come with his own nurse. Terry would like that I am sure!!!

  12. BITTER!!! I can’t help but laugh every time I come across a Chelsea blog. Sore losers, worst fans hands down in the league, and completely delusional. Enjoy Schevchenko the second coming! 50mil for an injury prone sulker who will be more than thrilled when Chelski don’t make the Champions League next year. HAHAHA! No shame when it comes to those Chelsea fans. Although, when you have a team of old players who can’t stand the team they play for, what do you expect from their frumpy fans? Warm weather whiners.

  13. obsessed? let me see, one of the players mentioned is a Chelsea player, the other is a former Chelsea player. Relevant on a Chelsea blog, no?

  14. Chelsea D, you know what’s relevant on a Chelsea blog…worrying about your own club and their problems. Not trying to take a jab at another club to make yourselves feel better about Chelsea’s situation. You’re like a bunch of spoilt only children who never learned social skills.

  15. David Nolan – ‘a team of old players’ ha ha thats rich.
    Carragher (33), Aurelio (31), Kyrgiakos (31), Gerrard (30), Rodriguez (30), Kuyt (30), Cole (29), jovanovic (29), poulsen (30). Glass houses lol.
    Our ‘old’ players won the double last season, wtf did yours win?

  16. whereas fernando torres is setting stamford bridge alight!
    we’ll see who finishes above who, rentboy!

  17. Chelsea D

    One of the players mentioned is a Liverpool player (who we got for free) and the other is a former Liverpool player (who you guys paid us 6 Million for).

    You Chelsea guys just seem to love donating money to Liverpool don’t you? 6 Million for Benayoun, 50 Million for Torres – both of them injury prone, both past their best, and both of whom will never win anything with your club.


    Oh and thanks for donating Joe Cole as well. The fact that he doesn’t seem to be working out, doesn’t mean a thing since we….er…..didn’t pay a dime for him.

  18. Torres has been at Chelsea how many weeks? Cole has been at Liverpool how many months? lol hardly comparable.
    And I certainly wouldnt be writing Torres off as ‘past his best’ at 26 – clutching at straws.

  19. Cole isn’t regarded as a ‘flop’ at Anfield. You are quoting your own article and the word flop is yours. And the detrimental comments about his performances were made by Hodgson. Now there was a flop. Chanders, your obsession with LFC means that pieces like this are flagged in News Now Liverpool. That’s how I got here.

  20. RedShanks – so by Liverpool standards, Cole is doing ok?

  21. About as well as Yossi, since you ask.

  22. yes redshanks I get links for other clubs too. Doesnt mean I have to read them.

    The only piece of writing about ‘The History Boys’ I’m interested in was written by Alan Bennett.

  23. Good for you… don’t read them, then.

  24. Really? So Yossi having ONE major injury keeping him out for months is comparable to Joe Cole’s 8 starts?

  25. Hai red soldiers, happy to see u comments. But idiots what are you doing here. I have been watching you fools for a fortnight insulting a Former player for leaving the club. Now you say that he is poor player. Then what was all those tears about?
    Let me tell you something you liverfools you are real fools. Actually you know that your club is a pile of garbage. And when the only star player leaves you for a world class club you feel sad and jealous. Oh poor…
    One more thing i noticed is your pride in proclaming that liverpool is a bigger club. Hei losers are you blind? When did you win the league for the last time? When did you win the FA cup for the last time? Think losers think.
    you idiots act like shemales who neither hav the quality of men nor women. You assholes its time to realize that you are not part of a good club. No quality player would like to play there. I know you bought carol and suarez. But wait two years and you can see them also giving their transfer requests.
    Wake up idiots and leave us alone. Go and buy the jerseys of carol and suarez now and burn them after two years. Now go away, you smell shit.

  26. Jeeezus… do you people really think this kind of thing is worth squabbling about? How about Torres’s three starts? Good? Chanders, you don’t need to follow links to other sites, you can get your Liverpool fix right here.

  27. LK, I’m trying to build a picture of you in my head… it’s not pretty.

  28. Yeh Torres looked pretty good against Copenhagen tbh, bit of luck wouldnt have gone amiss…..y’know, linesman not knowing whether the ball’s over the line or not…that sort of thing 🙂

  29. But liverpool fans are eating my brains. If they respect us we will respect u back. My club is part of my emotion. And i cannot sit passive when some idiots write provoking comments. And if i hurt ur feeling , i m sorry.

  30. Benayoun will prove his worth in the CL. Let’s wait and see. Hopefully this will be our year to will the champions league (at last).. Go Chelsea

  31. LOL, like taking candy off a baby. Mugs

  32. All these comments and we’re the ones that are obsessed…nice

    Jesus Cole 🙁 I can’t wear that top again till he retires methinks </3

  33. L K

    You guys are a big club?
    When did that happen?

    How many times have you guys won the Champion’s League with all those millions of Abramovich pounds?

    Oh yeah that’s right . NONE!

    And you only have about 14 more League titles to catchup with us in terms of being champions of England. Andlet’s not even get into the many other cups ( UEFA/Europa, SuperCup, FA Cup, League Cup) we’ve won, some of which you’ll NEVER win.

    Big club my a.s.s.

  34. Chelsea D, do you seriously believe that the Torres you guys got from us in January was the same Torres of 2-3 years ago who scored almost 30 goals for us during that Season when we made a run in the League?

    Do you honestly believe that we’ll ever see that Torres again?

    If you truly believe that then Liverpool have a bridge to sell you too,…….for 50 Million quid.

  35. So Roman’s money good for you now red mickey’s???classless bunch….I’m sure Torres is happier away from thick scousers…He’s come to win stuff and he will

  36. erm, shouldnt you lot be watching channel 5? lol

  37. Apart from one being dead whats the difference between Shankley and Dalgleish?????nothing they are both two miserable sods!!! So much misty eyed BS about these two…its sickening

  38. ha ha tidy finish there from Cole…..huge loss to us obviously lol.

  39. As opposed to Benayoun who’s done sod all

  40. to all who think torres is dead … no he was dead because liverpool was killing him and now just wait 3 more matchez and he will be at his damn best … Cheers mates

  41. I think the point of the article is to say that, although Benayoun has only made a few appearances and may be regarded as wasted money, he was certainly not a “marquee” signing and was not regarded as the player to turn the recent success of his new club around. Yossi was signed as a squad player, so his absense and lack of match time hasn’t been regarded as a waste of money. Whereas Cole has seen his confidence stoop lower than it has ever been and the mixture of poor form and niggly injuries has seen him named a flop. (and before you say that he isn’t a flop as he was free, he has been picking up a pretty hefty wage packet every week).

  42. I am Spanish and a great fan of nando, love it he is very special someone.
    I understand the pain of the scouser because as athletic follower also in his moment I get furious with nando for going away but entendi that he needed to go out and that already it gave to us sufficiently that needed new challenges to support the illusion.

    The one who thinks that nando is not going to be a success with the chelsea is that it does not know anything, is a fighter, from child with the athletic one five-peseta coin had to work for the equipment, he is a great worker with a great interior force and ambition not if it was gaining something with the chelsea but of what if I am sure is that the skin was left in it.
    I am very decpcionado with the fans of the pool, deberian to be grateful for the work of the child for 3 years and the fair play with him.

  43. Fuck all swimming pool fans,tnx a lot 4 givn us d world bst striker 4 50mil,if i were roman,i wud buy him 4 80mil coz he’s worth it@L.K,fuck u asshole,u guys wud neva go to champs league again wit al dis bunch of losers lyk reina,suarez,gerrard.torres hav come 2 chelsea 2 win wat he neva n wud av neva won.UP BLUES

  44. Guys, am enjoying this. But to be candid you guys are taking this too far with those cruel and swear words. Why not let us keep it cool and enjoy the atmosphere. Cmon buddies, we aint the ones taking decisions for these clubs, so whatever decision the boards take, we could only shout, rake and curse but it aint gonna change much. So guys soccer is for fun and not for violence.

  45. “‘Obsessed’.

    Says the Liverpool fan reading a Chelsea blog.”

    LOL! Do you as a blogger not even understand how many of your hits are achieved on your site? It’s called Newsnow and it certainly does not mean that LFC fans search out your wonderful insightful blog.

    Look it up, you might learn something about internet usage.

  46. Wow,this looserpool fans are a sensitive lot.The come out like a pack of sick puppies clamouring for attention.
    They sing about history every year.Thank God,ltalians don’t brag about Ancient Rome like the liverpool lot.

    Your world class star and best player left you guys because he wanted to win trophies.That must have hurt your little egos and eroded your collective psyche.

  47. Liverpool is currently surviving on the wisdom of Chelsea legend Steve Clark. I know Dalgish realised he needed a winning assistant to handle he couldn’t handle without the services a person of Steve’s Calibre.

    With all due respect for Joe for whom a big fan as a Blue, he’s has so far flopped at Liverpool.

    When he picks his old form, then we shall applause him.

  48. Liverpool is currently surviving on the wisdom of Chelsea legend Steve Clark. I know Dalgish realised he needed a winning assistant to handle he couldn’t handle without the services a person of Steve’s Caliber.

    With all due respect for Joe for whom a big fan as a Blue, he’s has so far flopped at Liverpool.

    When he picks his old form, then we shall applause him.

  49. Chidizman, you manage to make Bill Nkeeto look literate.

  50. liverpool twats that say chelsea bought success ? idiottsss what are use doing nowww ? buyinggg players ? use have spent more money then chelsea have in recent years why ? to win somthing seeing as use havent won anything the only team that isnt buying is arsenal and look at them what have they won ? nothing alll the other clubs around the world e.g chelsea, liverpool, manchester city, real madrid, ac milan alll thosee clubs have splashed the cash in order to win somthing, trophys wont just fall on your lap if you dont have the team so dont go around saying chelsea have bough success when last year we wont the double and in that transfer wndow we only spent around 20 million liverpool spent around what 100 million on players in the past 2 years ? trying to get into just the top 4