Ashley Cole Getting Desperate


It seems Ashley Cole hasn’t got over his missed penalty in last week’s FA Cup replay against Everton but the Chelsea defender is hoping the Champions League could make it a lot less painful come May.

I won’t go over our current position because we all know where we stand this season, as does Ashley Cole, who says “After starting the season so well, we then had this dip in form, it wasn’t going for us, and of course it has left us where we are now. It is not a good position for us, we know we have to do better, we want to do better. We are out of the FA Cup, the Carling Cup, we’re never going to give up on the league but the Champions League is probably now the main focus for us to win because obviously not many people here have won that one.

I have been in the final twice and defeated twice and it is not a good feeling. Hopefully this season will be different, it will be one to remember. I am just desperate to win the Champions League and if I can do it in a Chelsea shirt that will be an amazing achievement for me.”

And of his missed penalty, Cole says “It’s one of those things. Every day in training I take penalties and I score. I didn’t mean to go that high obviously. I thought the goalie was going to dive that way so I tried to put it above him. It was not a good moment for me but I just have to keep going now and try and make it up for the team.”

3 Responses to “Ashley Cole Getting Desperate”

  1. Keep up the hard work Ashley, lets take it game by game and see where we end up. We are still not out of the league yet and just need to beat Man United twice to be right back in it. A couple of home wins over City and Spurs will ensure we get right back in it. And I fully expect Arsenal and Liverpool to get something from their games at home against United, lets see how we go.

  2. Rushad.

    As much as I agree that the title race is not over yet (12 games to be played, almost one third of the season for christ sake), you have to take into account the will of the players. It well seems they are not ready to put up and fight and it is not the Copenhagen game that will make me think otherwise. Our second half was dim. There is still hope for the league but it is bleak at best.

  3. If we fail to beat United at home next week, I shall agree with you. Till then im sorry my friend, but I dont give up. Surrendering is not a word found in my dictionary and I expect the pensioners to pull their arses and work hard for the club. They are being paid well enough to work come hay, shine or snow. I dont know why Carlo Ancelotti is so much under pressure. The bloke just gave us our first double in 105 years playing the best football ive seen in my life and we here are all plotting his downfall with that arrogant Jose? Some fickle plastic fans we have at the club you know? Sorry to put it so bluntly, but I guess that Torres banner with those Shankly Gates was so embarrassing to watch two weeks ago…its like half our fans are bloody dimwitted.