Do Chelsea Youngsters Really Stand A Chance?


Fabio Borini was one of Chelsea’s younger players who prompted a bit of debate amongst supporters over the past season. On loan at Swansea, Borini was regarded by some as one of the young players we should be giving a new contract to – Chelsea clearly didn’t agree and Borini has made his thoughts on the club clear as a result.

The Italian striker says “I don’t need to remind Chelsea what I can do because they already know – I’ve been top scorer for the reserves – and sometimes you need to be honest with yourself. I need to go away from Chelsea to play regular football, even if it’s with a smaller team in a smaller league. Most of the young players at Chelsea have had to do the same thing.

Scott Sinclair, who plays at Swansea now, Jack Cork, Jeffrey Bruma, Patrick van Aanholt and Michael Mancienne all went through the same thing. I would not say we share the same frustration, but we all need the same honesty. Although I am still young, I have been at Chelsea for four years now and I feel I have wasted the last six months of my career.”

Harsh words from a player who feels let down by his parent club or just cold, hard facts?

Well, the fact is, none of our young players have been given the opportunity to establish themselves in the first team since John Terry and last season was no exception. Despite saying all the right things about our academy and the need to bring them through, it hasn’t happened. How many genuine opportunities was Josh McEachran given, for example?

That can’t sit well for our youngsters can it?

Toddy Kane is one of our young players TheChelseaBlog has watched closely over the past season. At Chelsea since he was an under 8, the 18 year old right back has particularly impressed over the past season, with Dermot Drummy Chelsea’s youth team manager saying “He (Toddy) started the season in the youth team and progressed to scoring a fantastic goal at Stamford Bridge for our reserve team in the play-off final. He scored plenty of goals and the maturity that we all noticed in Toddy elevated his position and that is what I call development. He played in games that the youth team lost but moved on mentally and technically and Steve Holland took him on board late in the season and he virtually became a reserve team player. That gave him a burst of confidence and that is the sort of progress that I look at.”

But realistically, despite having a contract with Chelsea currently – and giving the past ten years to the club he supports – can he realistically expect even the impressive progress he continues to make see him become an established first team player for the club he loves?

I wouldn’t be holding my breath if I was him.

8 Responses to “Do Chelsea Youngsters Really Stand A Chance?”

  1. Its funny how chelsea alone among the big clubs get beaten with this stck so much so that our own supporters fall for it — no one sprays arsense wenger about it even though barely any arsenal players far a i know have come through their junior rnks or Man U for that matter.

    Its simple really — big clubs are big clubs because they’ve got good teams — they win things – and in big clubs (unlike liverpool who rushed carrol into first team because the had no one else) the system is everything and the player has to adapt to the system — same at man U – they didn’t rush hernandez or berbatov into the team they eased them in ,waiting until they were up to speed about the system —
    not all youth players make it that’s a fact — IMHO neither mancieene or Cork are yet up to our standard and for all our shitty play this season we did finish second — i would have played sturridge for malouda ( anyone for malouda) but part from that well josh is coming along fine — wenger did the same with wilshire season before last, a few games here a few there — fergerson did the same as well with countless players — its the right thing to do -josh isn’t pysically up to playing game in game out for a start
    So i don’t think chelsea young guns get any worse a deal at chelsea than any where else there’s just a lot of them that’s all

  2. one more thing — we should have kept sinclair — you should always keep wingers IMO — they’re fragile and have a short shelf life and you want to be there when it happens. Stok too.

  3. Chelsea are a top 8 European Side, that is a fact. So simple Maths says any player in our squad is amongst the top 200 players in Europe. Lets open it out and say top 400 players to include the good ones not in the top 8 sides. You are either good enough to get in that elite band or your not. Some of our cast off’s cant even get in the sides we loan them too and thats not always about how good they are, more how good they think they are. Let’s hope Josh makes it, IMHO only he and Paddy Van are real contenders. I cannot name a Chelsea cast off who has gone onto big things apart from Booby Zamora but thats going back, Just remember this … we tried to sell John Terry to Huddersfield !

  4. No i cant see that happening look at McEachran last season should have been played while Lampard was injured

  5. I think pointing out only chelsea regarding the chances given to the youth is totally unfair. Look at Manchester united How many of their stars are from their youth system nani and rooney and even cr7 where brought from other teams when they started making huge waves intheir youth then almost all of thei team is made up of players bought from other teams namely van der sar, evra, valencia ,park ji sung ,ferdinand ,rafeal ,oshea etc actually the whole squad excludin a very few where brought . What about arsenal cesc was taken from barca ,nasri ,van persie ,song ,walcott where all bought from other teams.

  6. I guess then what is the point really to have a big youth team full of excellent talent only to let them go to Swansea or Hamburg for instance? It would do us wonders to let some of our youth players play when their counter parts are injured. Great comment re Lampard. Josh should of been given the opportunity to play. We have an older than average team this coming season, would be really nice to see some of the boys brought up to play a role with the first squad.

  7. I agree with the article considering we were led to believe Abramovich wanted to see more youth in the first team after his millions set up the Academy at Cobham.

    Only McEachran made a small breakthrough.

    It is always the same with Chelsea.

    Bringing in youngsters, nuturing them, sending them out on loan and then eventually selling them on – Sinclair (Swansea), Mancienne (Hamburg), Borini (Parma).

    Only Ancelotti went against the grain (with McEachran, van Aanholt, Bruma, Bertrand etc) although their appearances were limited but a start was made.

    The other coaches – Mourinho, Scolari, Hiddink, Grant completely ignored the youngsters.

    It will be interesting what player policy Abramovich lays down to the new coach once one is appointed.

    Michael Woods has left, Anton Rodgers has gone to Brighton, Ben Sampayo has left to go to Brighton as well, I think, and no doubt there will be more youth out the door before the new season starts.


  8. kalou should b among chelsea that is meant to b load 25 years and 4 season he as neva score 10 goal in the leagu no shirt shold b don for him. Are the club wait to build and sell at a low rate. bruma can play right back n aa can play left back sturrige can strike properly y nt giv the chance. Dd dont want to play any more u see bt his best wen he as distroy every at first. Sell all old player bacelona did it to ronadiho, deco etc and it work while sendin for luiz that much if we can get cahill dat more better at cheap rate. I feel some people in that club are just eaten abra money dont do any thing