No Room For Sturridge In AVB’s Chelsea Side?

It’s hardly the best-kept secret in football that Chelsea are bloody useless when it comes to keeping hold of younger players. When we do buy them, we inevitably send them on loan and whilst that’s not always a bad idea if it means them getting regular football and valuable experience, with us, it generally means we’re just keeping them fit to sell on.

Throughout last season, I know a lot of us debated which of our youngsters had the potential to come through to the first team for the next campaign although if I’m honest, with McEachran not getting anywhere near the opportunities I expected him to last season, it did feel like hopeless optimism at times.

True to form, we’ve already offloaded some of our young talent and if the rumours we’re hearing today are true, Daniel Sturridge could even join those numbers before the start of the season. Despite 8 goals in 12 games on loan to Bolton last season, the striker we signed from City for £3.5m in 2009, could end up at Stoke for just £5m according to reports.

Of course, with a new manager, the temptation is to feed him the cash and hope he shits miracles but does that mean he should overlook what we’ve already got? Last season, Sturridge worked to prove he deserved a place in our squad – and he looked good on it. Even at a club like Bolton (no disrespect) without overpaid prima donnas around him providing the service, he acquitted himself admirably. So surely he’s a better option than someone untried, untested and inevitably brought in for an unlimited salary?

Evidently not if what we’re reading about the players AVB wants to bring in are true – which would suggest there’s no place for Daniel Sturridge, unless the new Chelsea manager knows something we don’t.


13 Responses to “No Room For Sturridge In AVB’s Chelsea Side?”

  1. I don’t fall for the rumors. AVB won’t bring the whole Porto team over.

    I actually see him getting rid of the players older than himself then taking it from there.

    We have too many strikers, why spend 30mil on Falcao when you have Torres, Drogba, Anelka, Kalou, and Sturridge (who if anything will go back on loan to Bolton).

    We need an attacking midfielder that’s a playmaker. We need to bolster our defence with youth.
    We need more English players.

  2. It will a shame 2 buy unknown FALCAO 4 such a huge amount and sell DAN 4 5m.

  3. Keep the lad and play him on the wing…he is very capable…has proved himself in the premiership..scores goals and is young…nuff said..

  4. I for one would love to see Sturridge at Newcastle where he would be loved and adored by our fans scoring week in week out with the beloved number 9 on his back he would flourish and would surely become an England regular..

    Sturridge for Toon.!! NOT Stoke

  5. Come on guys don’t waste everyones time with this red top drivel.

  6. we aren’t arsenal, we aren’t manU, we are the mighty cfc. if the player isn’t chelsea quality, don’t force him because he is young, don’t force him because he is english, play him because he is quality. studge and mac aren’t any better than torres and lampard. until then, don’t worry about everyone else, loan em to get them playing time.

  7. letting sturridge go is just plain stupid. If there isn’t room for him, loan him to Hamburg, just like we’ve done with Bruma. Don’t sell talent like that cheaply.

  8. the funny thing is if we didnt already own him, after watching his form we probably would have been interested in him, but typical chelsea since we own a young player we cannot give him a chance….

  9. I think we all agree that loaning stur is the best thing for him and for chelsea next season.

  10. I’ve been a supporter for 45 years, thru thick and thin, ups and downs etc. and its good to see that we’re aiming higher than ever.
    However at the moment I can’t see what the game plan is. We should decide to give Porridge a go; get shot of the ‘ A team ( DrogbA, AnelkA, MaloudA ). Whats the point of having an academy if we never give the youngsters a chance?

  11. it is better for him to go back for a loan deal again.and gain some more experience at the senior level

  12. I think its very hard to predict what’s going to happen with the squad this summer. Up until a few days before AVB signed, we all still thought that Guus was coming in 110%. So we can say for certain, until the news is up on, it’s not official.
    I’m hoping that Anelka and Kalou are let go however, preferably outside of England, which will hopefully give Sturridge a good shot.
    But the situation becomes a tad more complicated with strong links to Falcao and Lukaku… interesting times ahead at the bridge no doubt.


  13. Last season, for Bolton, Sturridge was lethal but he was also played as the second striker to Kevin Davies in a 4-4-2.
    It is clear that AVB likes to play 4-3-3. That means in order for Sturridge to have a chance of being in the team he has to be either the center forward or the winger. It is most likely that Torres or Drogba or whoever is brought in is going to get the central role which means that Sturridge will be pushed to the wing.
    We have seen him played on the wing and he did OK. But that might mean that he won’t be scoring as many goals as he as scored for Bolton.