Lampard On Torres: The Best Is Yet To Come

So, Fernando Torres not only scored yesterday but managed to do so with his first touch after coming on as a sub. Of course, he’s already scored this pre-season but that apparently doesn’t count although since it is pre-season we’re talking about maybe yesterday didn’t really count as far as anyone outside Chelsea is concerned.… Read More

Should Chelsea Emulate United?

Guus Hiddink is a clever man, there’s no doubt about it although it doesn’t really take a clever man to suss that sooner or later, if we’re going to have sustained success, Chelsea need leadership stability. And no, I don’t mean John Terry sort of leadership – although clearly having him and Lampard to look to when our manager’s have been as permanent as a Katie Price boyfriend, has helped – I mean the sort of leadership stability that comes from having a good manager and letting him stay long enough to establish himself as a great manager.… Read More

Signed Petr Cech Glove: And The Winner Is……

Ok, so here it is. The winner of a signed Petr Cech glove is……………..

Tom Duggan


Email us your address Tom and we’ll get it to you. Well done to Tom and thanks to everyone else for the entries.… Read More

Benayoun: Chelsea Complain

Not for the first time, Yossi Benayoun has been subjected to racial abuse – and not for the first time, it hasn’t failed to wind me up. … Read More

Last Ditch Offer For Modric?

I haven’t been one of the supporters in the ‘we’ll still get Modric’ camp, although I know there’s still plenty out there holding on to that hope.

Well, for those who still believe it, rumour has it Andre Villas-Boas is allegedly making a third and final offer of £30million.  Why anyone would think that’s enough when we’d already been told even £35m wouldn’t cut it, I’m not sure but if nothing else, it should piss Levy off.… Read More

Torres: “I don’t Forget To Score”

I wonder how it feels to be Fernando Torres right now? I mean, on the one hand he’s at a top four Premier League club earning shitloads of money so it can’t be all bad but on the other, he can’t be getting much fun out of the game – or more specifically being under the spotlight every time he plays.… Read More

No Sweat For AVB, Torres Is No Tourist

Still not a whole lot going on for us in terms of real news this summer but here’s a few stories to keep you going:


GiveMeFootball bring us AVB’s take on the transfer market

Bleacher Report look at who could be on the agenda in place of Modric

ESPN tell us our new signing is a patient man

The Guardian are one of the many to obsess over Nando’s lack of goals

Whilst The Mail amuse themselves with comparisons to Shevchenko… Read More

AVB Already Deflecting Fergie’s Digs

Here we go, the season hasn’t even started and someone’s got the ‘pensioner’s’ stick out to beat us with again!

No surprises for guessing it’s our old friend Sir Alex Ferguson, particularly since the Premier League (and needless to say it’s Chelsea as usual) have a new manager for him to test out.… Read More

Andre Villas Boas: A new dawn and second chance at Chelsea for a number of fringe players

New Chelsea manager Andre Villas Boas has promised to evaluate his current squad before going out the the market and spending irrationally. The 33-year-old technician has been linked with a move for some of the Porto stars that shot him to fame, but so far it has been a quiet transfer window at Stamford Bridge.… Read More

Mancini Missing More Than Money?

Roberto Mancini is kidding, right? I mean, is he really trying to deflect questions about the title with some lame mumbling about needing 5 or 6 more players? Fair enough some of the one’s he’s got couldn’t pull off a trick if Paul Daniels was coaching them never mind Mancini (yes Balotelli, I mean you) but you’d have thought they’d be ready for a go at the title by now wouldn’t you?… Read More