Is ‘Radical’ Really Not Required At Chelsea?

I’m going to have a moan. I know we’re barely into pre-season, I know it’s early days for AVB, I know I should have a bit more faith and patience – but I’m going to have a good whinge anyway!

Watching our friendly against Portsmouth on Saturday pissed me off.  I know it’s hard to make any sort of judgement from a friendly, particularly when we’re making 11 changes at a time, but I just didn’t see anything that gave me even the tiniest spark of excitement about next season.

All the problems from last season are still in evidence – lack of creativity, lack of pace, no width, schoolboy errors defensively, not clinical enough in front of goal, no real energy or enthusiasm to speak of.

Regardless of what JT says, Torres looked about as confident as a virgin in a brothel and whilst Malouda’s motivated himself to talk to the press already, it’s a shame the same level of gusto hasn’t transferred to his feet.

Of course, its early days for Andre Villas-Boas but from a manager who was used to his side scoring goals for fun last season, I just wonder where he sees that sort of attacking game coming from without ‘radical’ changes. I mean, on the one hand he’s saying we need to look at using what we’ve got but on the other he’s hinting someone like Sturridge could end up out on loan. So unless he’s got a sprinkling of fairy dust for Nando’s boots, his gameplan isn’t that clear.

Defensively, I can’t complain about John Terry, with him putting in a typical captain’s performance but the absence of Alex doesn’t sit right with me, Bosingwa does very little to calm the nerves – and don’t even get me started on our second and third choice keepers.

Don’t get me wrong, there was some inspiration to be had, largely coming from the performances of the likes of Benayoun and McEachran and it was great to see our younger players really being looked at, but we won’t be filling the first team with them will we?

To add to that, we have Essien (or at least the imposter who posed as him last season) out for six months, so surely something radical has to happen?  Then again, with both Spurs clinging on to Modric’s bootlaces for dear life and even Sam Allardyce now insisting Parker’s grounded as well, you’d have to wonder exactly who AVB would have in mind as potential signings now anyway.

All we need to put the tin lid on it now is for United to sign Sneijder!



15 Responses to “Is ‘Radical’ Really Not Required At Chelsea?”

  1. AVB has been manager for 28 days, most of which have been before pre-season has even started and we’re already complaining. I say sack him, he’s clearly a rubbish manager….Pathetic.

  2. AVB has to assess what he has at his disposal before he delves into the transfer market; he’s not been watching the past 3-4 seasons of slow decline up close like we have. I just hope that when he does, he brings in some width/pace up front and creativity/pace to midfield and offloads the half dozen or so we no longer require!

    Agree about Sneijder; if Manure add him to their already strengthened squad we’ll be left for dead without some change, radical or otherwise.

  3. Oh yes, we do need radical changes. While AVB is doing his “assessment”, players like Lukaku are being sndtched by the likes of Man City… Falcao is now gone, too… We need Snejider or, at least Modric, in midfield. We need another forward who could play with Torres. We need at least two midfielders for the ones we have will not do… So, yes, radical changes are necessary – we must have two more attackers and two more midfielders. Otherwise we are going nowhere…

  4. I certainly agree with u guys… Its gona be tough for avb.. Chelsea need a lot of work. I looked at the team last season, they couldn’t create anything, ‘even worse’ the mistakes in defence were repeatedly occuring time and time again.. Chelsea need a change radicaly i believe

  5. well i hope AVB has something up his sleeve coz if he doesn’t, i see him making the same mistake carlo made- and look were that got us. all we can do now is to wait for him to assess his squad and see what happens.

  6. Changes are extremly needed at Chelsea. AVB has to make major changes up front and in midfield and if these two areas are not sorted, Chelsea will not even compete on top four and remain struggling. He needs to off load more than a dozen and buy more than a dozen. I watched the game against Portsmouth and noted that some of the players were struggling to prove to AVB that they can get first 11 jerseys. He needs more strikers, creativy and attacking midfielders.

  7. Totally agree. Creativity, pace and with is what we need and in at least two new players – more if we sell.

  8. I think both Josh and Kakuta could provide us with the creativity we need in midfield but Modric isn’t a bad player to help that transition from Lamps to the younger guys (who aren’t ready to win us PL’s on their own yet). We definitely need width and I’d like to see us bring in a couple wingers, maybe Hazard and Turan who both provide pace and skill but at reasonable prices. 3 in 3 out (Malouda, Anelka, Zhirkov) doesn’t sound too radical.

  9. Asher7 – I’d written this off the back of the sort of performance, with exactly the same sort of problems as we watched all too often last season. Our inadequacies cost us then and unless they are addressed, will cost us even more now.
    Whilst I appreciate the man has been here 5 minutes (and I’m right behind him), all I’m hearing from him and out senior players is that we don’t need to change much because we’ve got plenty to challenge with. Well we heard it all at the start of last season yet after an initial burst of energy, we ran out of steam and had absolutely nothing to offer by way of a fight.
    United already have a bloody good squad – if they add Sneijder to what they’ve got as Norman quite rightly suggests, it’ll be goodnight Vienna.

  10. There’s plenty of time left in the transfer window, to be honest I’ve been panicking a bit too however I honestly believe AVB has a rough idea, who’s in and who’s out.

    The signing i’ll be more gutted about missing out on is Aguero if he goes to City!

    Of course our senior players will come out and say we don’t need change, no one wants to piss off their team mates.

    Kakuta is not good enough yet to claim a regular place, I can think of six players to get rid of without even thinking about it, Turnball, Ferreira, Bosingwa, Anelka, Malouda, Kalou.

    I’d bring in – Aguero, Vidal, Modric/Pastore, Lukaku and Van Der Wiel.

    When Torres was banging them in for Liverpool, they didn’t play with wingers, it was all about a creative attacking midfielder (Gerrard) so if we can get the right person in there then I think straight away we will look more creative.

    Team next season for me would be

    GK – Cech
    LB – Cole
    CB – Terry
    CB – Alex
    RB – Van Der Wiel
    DMC – David Luiz (Think he’d be awesome in this position)
    CM – Ramires
    CM – Lamps
    AMC – Modric
    ST – Aguero
    ST Torres

  11. Keep the faith…It would be foolish for AVB to announce to all and sundry that he he will be shedding (pun not intended) lots of players as that would surely have a negative effect on the team at a time when he needs to see them all fighting for places…he needs to see the potential of the whole squad.

    My guess is there are a few classy players being lined up behing the scenes …AVB just needs to make sure who he will be selling…he needs time….how many world class players have joined other clubs yet? Lots of rumours but nothing …wait and see..I’m convinced some big names are coming soon.

  12. i think even a 4year old baby would tell u we need new players to chelsea XI,and i totally agree with AVB,he needs to assess the squad before he starts selling players,the kind of players we dont need drogba(he can b used as bait for modric)anelka,ferreira,alex,bosingwa,malouda..replacements Lukaku,modric,pastore,cahill,van der wiel.etc…watch the space its gonna be 1 hell of a season..

  13. Desperately need a radical shake up, agree entirely with this article.

    The Portsmouth game highlighted all the shortcomings of last season … no creativity, no width – Turnbull totally convincing (i.e. that he’s utter crap!) – strikers look as if they could all miss from the 6 yard box (providing we actually had some players who could create some kind of chance that got the ball into/near to the 6 yard box!) we are screaming out for some creative sparks …

    My guess is that we’ll be bringing in Pastore which would very much apease me, along with Modric or similar … that’s the two seriously creative players that we need – i also think he’ll bring in one top class winger for definite & possibly two – again this is needed, Malouda has gotten too comfortable & has been selected for putting in decidedly average performances, mainly because the alternatives are players who’ve put in crap performances, i.e. the lesser of two evils!

    AVB is no mug & Roman certainly isn’t – RA is craving football that gets him out of his seat, you can see it by the way he reacts in games – the players we currently have are mostly Jose’s & we all know they were recruited for their pace, power, functionality etc. ….. my point is, do we really think they can be moulded into Nasri’s, Modric’s, sneidjer’s, Pastore’s, neymar’s, Sanchez’s, etc. – now that’s just plain silly

  14. Can someone please tell me where Alex is. Early days or not for AVB, we don’t have a team to launch a meaningful challenge next season. Same old thing, no creativity. It is more annoying when I see our players talk about how strong we are, especially emenalo. We don’t have a team that can compete with united and city.

  15. Namo,

    If the squad stays the same we won’t be competing for a Europa Cup space! …… let alone the PL …… ageing players, which in turn means their injuries will pile up, as we saw last season (& now we’re another year on!), no creativity, so all we get is a GK, 4 Defenders & 6 others who ALL simply shoot on sight! .. without even a second thought of actually trying to pass to a player better placed to score!

    Surely our manager & owner are not so utterly delusional to believe that all is well ! ….

    IF AVB actually believes the squad just needs a slight ‘tweek’ we might as well have employed Robert Downey Jr as new manager!

    I don’t for one minute AVB is saying what he is meaning, my guess is that he’s saying what is neccessary to keep the squad sweet for now ….. either that or get him into rehab NOW!