Mancini Missing More Than Money?

Roberto Mancini is kidding, right? I mean, is he really trying to deflect questions about the title with some lame mumbling about needing 5 or 6 more players? Fair enough some of the one’s he’s got couldn’t pull off a trick if Paul Daniels was coaching them never mind Mancini (yes Balotelli, I mean you) but you’d have thought they’d be ready for a go at the title by now wouldn’t you?

Considering we’ve always been told we bought our titles and our first one came a year after Roman brought Mourinho in, shouldn’t the City owners have seen some sort of return for their investment by now? 3 years of spending by City and the best Mancini can come up with for them is a Champions League spot? Seriously? They’ll be telling us money doesn’t equal success next!

Obviously the irony of this post isn’t lost on me. I’m sure, more than sure in fact, that there were plenty of rants about our ‘fantasy football’ spending while I was far too busy wetting myself with excitement to give a shit less but since even United have spent a few million so far, City continue to forget there’s a recession on and I’ve conveniently forgotten the signings of Torres and Luiz since we’ve yet to add anything of substance this summer, I feel entitled to adopt a holier than thou attitude.

Seriously though, it was extremely hard to argue our success wasn’t about money when, of course, it was Roman’s investment that made the difference between us challenging and seriously competing for the title but if that really was/is the case, given City’s outlay so far, shouldn’t they already have a couple of titles and several domestic trophies to gloat about?

Or maybe the problem’s Mancini? He didn’t have the luxury of a Ranieri squad when he took over from Hughes obviously, but he’s had time to make his own mark at City now hasn’t he? Then again, judging by the encounter we witnessed between him and Balotelli yesterday, his mark doesn’t seem to stand for much – ask Carlos Tevez.

Not to worry though because Mancini’s stamping might just secure him Aguero and if he can get him, Samir Nasri, so just another 3 or 4 to go and he might be ready to nick more than a cup of sugar off the neighbours – not that the City manager is any more prepared to admit that’s what he’s hoping for than United are to admit it’s a possibility – because if they add both of them, even Roberto Mancini would struggle for an excuse not to come away with a title.

As for us, well Roman might still have a few quid but since all our players are old (myth) and we’re struggling to bring anyone in during the window (isn’t that right, Fergie?), we’re being written out of the race anyway so the pressure’s off.

They’ll be saying Roman’s off and we have no history next!


19 Responses to “Mancini Missing More Than Money?”

  1. Funny that rent boy, i could have sworn last season we finished on the same points as you and won the FA cup, while you er won fuck all, Mancini has been in charge for 18 months you cockney clown.

  2. Mancini has been in the job 18 years and had to revamp a squad of bad buys by Hughes, to yes, put his own stamp on the squad. When has he recently said he needed 5 or 6 more players though?

  3. You did buy your titles just like we will do… just like United and Blackburn before us…. What’s your point?

  4. Mancini won a trophy and quality for Champions League in his first full year as coach. Mancini has three Seria A titles to his name and four coppa italia cups. Chelsea has how many coaches in the last 5 year?

  5. @heavyriff : then why buy crazzy? clichy, kolarov , when they already had boateng and bridge? dejong , barry milner, adam johnson, silva yaya toure and still chasing nasri??

  6. With his first full season under his belt, Mancini will be well placed to offer a serious title challenge this season. He now KNOWS what it takes to do-a-job and get a result at the Stokes and Blackburns,etc, and his board’s dealings for players this summer especially has been commendable, nicking Cliche and Savic for single-figure deals, along with turning down £40m for Tevez proves we arent the walkover we used to be in that market. If he can offload Tevez, Adebayor, Milner and a few others, he will balance the books and improve with adding Aguero and another midfielder. So WHERES the drama in THAT?
    The guy is positive, and is making giant steps. Dont forget, City missed the Champions League by a pint to Spurs season before last, but now are FA Cup Winners, CL group qualifiers, and players WANT to come to City with that big step made.
    Methinks its simply a cheap dig at City for out-muscling Chelski in the market, and mayeb this season replacing the Blues as United’s main chalengers…
    Ah well…maybe Torres will get his ass outta first gear and keep you in the top 4…!

    Yours in Sport
    Super Mario

  7. Steve Francis – the point is, he’s had longer than a year to settle, took on a squad that had, had players added, has spent himself and STILL won’t talk about whether he can win the title. So is that because winning titles ISNT down to money or because he doesnt have what it takes even with the money at his disposal?

  8. Chelsea D

    He’s not going to put pressure on himself by saying we’ll win the title that can only cause him to fall flat on his face, he knows with the finacial outlay we have done our owners now expect success and his remit this season is probably to win the title, we all know money is the key to winning things cause for the last 50 years 99% of the time the wealthiest big city clubs are the most succesful and finance even more so today is the key to success, all other clubs fans are just bitter and jealous the finances us and you have and would love for their club to be in a similar boat.

  9. Another worried shit for brains cockney

  10. @Harry
    We bought Clichy to challenge Kolorov for the left back spot, Boateng was a versatile CB, but a CB nonetheless and wanted to leave anyway? Bridge is poor, a Hughes buy and simply not good enough.

    Fail to see your point in listing all of out midfielders as though that somehow proves a point. AJ is a winger and Silva the only true creative player in the bunch, therefore Nasri is required for a push on the CL and the PL this year, whilst trying to defend the FA Cup too.

    @Chelsea D
    We do our talking on the pitch pal…

  11. Can’t we all just hate united in peace?

  12. @Baguru
    Amen to that…

  13. I think were I a City fan I would want the players they are trying to get given what I have. Yes, they have names a giant payroll, but the results you would expect from all that just aren’t there. If the owners want to play along and open the purse then just fine.

    I think Tevez leaving will be an awful blow for them, no matter who they get, though.

  14. Jack – How am I worried? No pressure on us since we’ve already been written off by most before a ball has been kicked. As for me being ‘shit for brains’ – was that commnt really the most constructive thing you could come up with? lol, jog on eh.

  15. Jack u northen monkey bore off u cunt

  16. @doud
    The results just aren’t there? Finished 3rd, equal on points with Chelski and won the FA Cup, knocking Nited out in the process, sounds like some results to me…

  17. City are growing at an alarming rate, and Ferguson’s continual rants citing ‘noisy neighbours’ shows signs of a guy genuinely looking over his shoulder. I honestly think United will struggle this season. Last season they came from behind in many matches, and won that league because the title challengers all faltered. I cant see that being repeated, and the addition of Young, Jones and the new keeper isnt enough to cover those departed. The League will be tight, the same big 4/5 will contest it, but id honestly grab City at 7/2 before Aguero signs!!
    This coming from a guy who backed Darren Clarke at 150/1 for the Open! Get on lads!

  18. I always feel there’s something missing when City plays, Heavy. Yes, the final spot in the table was an admirable achievement, but they sure have an awful lot of 2 goal or fewer games. The talent would indicate quite a few more dominating performances than they actually provide.

    BTW, what the hell? MC with RED aways and ManU with BLUE aways? Blech.

  19. Am I seeing things or is there a Man City fan using the term rent boys for Chelsea? Irony is obviously not a term this guy understands.