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Pre-season Chelsea Chat: Manchester United

Following on from our chat with a City fan earlier, Scott from The Republik of Mancunia has talked up Man United’s chances ahead of the start of the season.

The ChelseaBlog: So, a new season awaits – what are you hoping to get from it?

Scott the Red: Number 20. I’d like to see our younger players go from strength to strength too. We’ve had a taster of what Smalling, Jones, Cleverley, Welbeck etc are capable of but I’d like to see them given their chance in the team.

TCB: You talk about the youngsters but I know you’re still waiting for Sneijder. Do you think the transfer window has been kind to you?

STR: We’ve done pretty well I think. We’re still looking for that one world class midfielder though. It’s exciting to sign such a young keeper. Ferguson says he’s learnt his lesson after not going after Cech when he was young. People are talking up Phil Jones as England captain potential. I hope that means he’ll be a great leader, rather than a total scum bag. Ashley Young was the player I was least excited about. He’s good but I don’t know if he’s great. He’s not at his peak yet so hopefully he will improve at United.

TCB: Is there anyone you’d give your right arm to bring in?

STR: I really wanted Modric but it looks like that is dead in the water. He seemed pretty perfect for United, although he doesn’t score many, so I’ll use that to help me feel better about it. Nasri is probably the next best suited to us and I’m sure we could beat out that second half of the season bottle job routine he’s perfected at Arsenal. Sneijder would probably be the most exciting though. We don’t ever sign proper superstars and he would be the biggest name we’ve ever bought. There’d be a real buzz about that signing.

TCB: From your current squad, who are your most important players?

STR: Vidic and Rooney probably. When either of those are missing from the side you’re left to worry a little, for the big games at least. We’ve got a great squad at the moment and plenty of options, but those two are probably a cut above.

TCB: What about opposition players? Which PL player worries you most?

STR: Robin Van Persie can be a dangerous player. Torres used to. He always seemed to score against us for Liverpool. Drogba, on his day, can be unplayable.

TCB: Probably the daftest question I’ve ever asked you but I’ve asked everyone else so here goes. How do you think your manager stands up against the rest?

STR: I’ll take any opportunity to sing his praises! How does he measure up? He’s a lot better. He’s been there and done it all. He’s created title winning team after title winning team. No one measures up to him. Stating the obvious here really.

TCB: And them ‘not arrogant just better’ supporters of yours, can they give the opposition a run for their money?

STR: United fans have a reputation in the eyes of some as being shit because of the tourists we get at Old Trafford. Our away support puts everyone to shame though. Any Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge for the United games last season will remember being outsung by our fans.

TCB: Again a stupid question for you because I know the answer every year anyway but where do you think you’ll finish this season?

STR: Are you saying I’m too predictable? Top of the league.

TCB: Naturally! But United’s world domination aside, any predictions for the top four?

STR: It’s hard to say because the transfer window hasn’t closed. If Chelsea sign Modric they’ll be considerably better, just like Arsenal and City could be significantly weaker without Nasri, Fabregas and Tevez. I’m going for United, Chelsea, City and Spurs.

TCB: Cheers as ever Scott, looking forward to the usual battles ahead!

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