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Pre-season Chelsea Chat: Newcastle

Today’s last pre-season interview comes from Simon of NUFC blog:

TheChelseaBlog: So, a new season awaits – what are you hoping to get from it?

NUFCblog: At the start of the summer I was genuinely looking forward to improving on last season. As seems to be the Newcastle way though I’m now left fearing the worst. Ideally I’d like us to put all the recent turmoil behind us and come out the other side flying. Whether that will happen though is something that only time will answer.

TCB: What do you realistically expect?

NUFC: Well I’m a Newcastle fan so I must be deluded. Champions League qualification at least!!! On a more serious note I’d simply like us to improve on last season, and that seems to be mirrored in most of the fans that I have come across whether it be on NUFC Blog or at the grounds.

It’s about time this lazy misconception ended. We are NOT deluded and just want our team to improve next season and beyond. If that is deluded then fair enough, but then I guess every fan is deluded in that case?!

TCB: Do you think the transfer window has been kind to you?

NUFC: At the minute no. We’ve signed some cracking player but the problem is the players that have left or are likely to leave. The aim is to keep your better players and buy better players to supplement that but it’s just not happening at Newcastle at the moment.

TCB: Is there anyone you’d give your right arm to bring in?

NUFC: You do realise that I use my right arm for sometimes sinister pleasure right? On that basis it has to be someone special like Messi.  In the real world though I’d like a reliable striker. You could loan us Danny Sturridge if you like?

TCB: No chance! Who are your most important players?

NUFC: I think it’s going to be Fabricio Coloccini, Cheik Tiote, Steven Taylor with Yohan Cabaye mixed in there. Mind you there is no guarantee that any of them will still be at Newcastle come the end of the transfer window!

TCB: What about opposition players? Which PL player worries you most?

NUFC: It used to be Paul Scholes as he always scored against us, closely followed by any former player as they always score against us. Rooney always scores against us so I’ll say him.

TCB: How do you think your manager stands up against the rest?

NUFC: I think he’s ok. I read something in the paper about Premier League managerial win percentages at the weekend and he stacks up quite well against other managers. Better than Steve Bruce, Roberto Martinez, McLeish and about five or six others including Owen Coyle who pundits seem to masturbate over. This is his season to show what he can really do although he won’t get much backing from above him and will get the rug pulled from under him by Ashley and Llambias at some point.

TCB: And your supporters – can they give the opposition a run for their money?

NUFC: As always, yes!

TCB: Where do you think you’ll finish this season?

NUFC: I’d like to say top half somewhere but I reckon about eight clubs will be thinking the same so it could be tricky. If you’re pushing me though I’ll go for 10th as I’m ever the optimist!

TCB: Any predictions for the top four?

NUFC: Can’t see it being any different to last season to be honest. It’s just what order they fall in.

TCB: Cheers Simon

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