AVB Spot On About Support

We’re two games into the season and already the boos were ringing out around Stamford Bridge yesterday. Ok, I accept they were in the minority and thank God for that but seriously, wtf is that about? We’re not Arsenal, we don’t have our best players running for the exit, we are still signing good players, we were just having an off day for Christ sake.… Read More

CHELSEA 2-1 West Brom: Patience Please!

There seemed to be a bit of an air of panic amongst some supporters after yesterday’s game although what the big deal is two games in when the players clearly haven’t got into their stride yet (yes Alex, I’m thinking of you here) is beyond me.

Turning it on its head, last season we got off to a screaming start and tailed off badly, this season we’ve come in with a whimper but at least that gives AVB plenty of scope for improvement – and I’m sure he’ll address it.… Read More