Gary Neville A Good Pundit? That’s Ridiculous

There’s a few people I know who reckon Gary Neville’s making a decent job of this Sky pundit stuff – Andre Villas-Boas isn’t one of them though.

During our game against Liverpool at the weekend, the former United defender thought he’d give us all the benefit of his opinion on David Luiz.  Fair enough, our defender is pretty enthusiastic in his play but I’d rather have a committed player who’s a bit of a risk than a ‘safer’ player we carry every game because he’s a ‘name’.

Neville clearly doesn’t agree with that sentiment, suggest Luiz looked like he was “being controlled by a 10-year-old playing on his Playstation”.

The Chelsea manager meanwhile, jumped to Luiz’s defence after the game, stating “Gary Neville was a fantastic defender but it is a stupid approach to an opinion. If that’s the way he wants to take the game that is ridiculous.”


7 Responses to “Gary Neville A Good Pundit? That’s Ridiculous”

  1. Gary Neville is a cut above most of the other Sky Pundits. His comment was genuinely funny and spontaneous and clearly not from a pre written script as you get from Dulux, ie Ray Wilkins.
    You will find this happens more often as Chelsea slip down the league. Please Mr AVB, play your high line defence against the mighty Spurs!

  2. @Warehouse Willy:

    Firstly, there is no way to prove that it was spontaneous.. Such comments come up when you’re mocking a player with friends at a pub.
    Secondly, I’d like to see him make such a comment about a UTD player.. Doubt that will happen though, so that really only proves that Gary Neville is a prick on a seat where he does not belong. Cut above other Sky Pundits my ass. That Alan Smith is another idiot who cannot keep bias out of his commentary, yet he was given the opportunity to commentate Chelsea vs Arsenal… Sky constitue of a bunch of Chelsea haters. Jamie Redknapp and Martin Tyler are the only decent men out of the bench.

  3. Do you notice how AVB doesn’t actually say Neville was wrong? All he comments on is his “approach to an opinion” – not the actual opinion itself.

  4. That must have been the most accurate assesment of a player,weldone Gary nevile.he is the best on skysports in my opinion.its AVB i pity

  5. Gary tends to say it as he see’s it . If you feel its not true AVB why worry about it ? We have to suffer Alan Green .

  6. I don’t mind Garys opinions, he’s quite suited for the job I think. Clearly likes giving us shit in the games he has been involved commenting on though.

  7. This is a chelsea blog …. No small club fans please remeber the cteam always come to the top