JT: Last Of The ‘Untouchables’?

John Terry – ‘Captain, Leader, Legend’ – a description regally displayed by the home support and royally piss-taken by the opposition. Not that the Stamford Bridge faithful could care less, after all, he’s Mr Chelsea isn’t he? The fact he lives and breathes the club makes him untouchable, right?

Well, that’s a lot more debatable lately than it might have been before. For a start, whilst the club continue to support him over the racism allegations – and rightly so since he is still innocent unless proven guilty – we can only wonder what action the club might take should the outcome of that put JT and thus, the club, in a bad light. And whilst the idea of them as much as slapping his wrist in the past, nevermind considering the ‘unthinkable’ would never even be up for discussion, his impact on a game in terms of performance won’t afford him divine mercy from those on high much longer either.

Not that TheChelseaBlog has ever shied away from considering a JT departure in the past anyway but it goes without saying at Chelsea, that the mere mention of it brought plenty wanting to argue against it.  Are there quite as many refusing to even contemplate the idea now? Maybe not.

Certainly when City wanted our captain, I wouldn’t have been happy to see him go. I was pretty pissed off at the time he took to turn them down but his influence at that time would have been too big a miss for us.  Mind you, as if that didn’t create enough drama, since then we’ve had to contend with stories about his stadium tours on-the-side (not to mention even grubbier women on-the-side), his dad’s sideline in drugs, the whole England captaincy fiasco – and now allegations of racism.

Of course, you could argue that none of these things have anything to do with his game itself but mud sticks – and it all gets very messy, not just for the player himself but the whole club.  When the whole Wayne Bridge saga was going on, John Terry was clearly affected and as a consequence, so were our performances as a team.  Again now, whether it’s a coincidence or not, we’re a bloody mess.

Anyway, former Chelsea midfielder Vinnie Jones definitely doesn’t think a move for our captain is inconceivable, saying “Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if JT moves on.  Sometimes, you’ve got to clear the decks.  You think, ‘How can you leave someone like JT out?’  But sometimes your big, high-profile players go and other players come in and, all of a sudden, the coach is in charge again.”

And on our current coach, Vinnie says “They made a bold statement putting such a young fellow in charge of such a high-profile club and I think that Abramovich has got to stick with it, especially until next season.  He has to to show face.  I think he’s definitely going to give him some time, I really do.  If you look at the guy’s record, he’s going to make decisions that the fans are not going to be happy with.  If a coach comes into a new club and makes decisions that fans are not happy with, but gets the results, they go with the coach.  It’s as simple as that.  If results don’t go the right way then they start shouting for his blood.”

It strikes me there are a few ready to blame AVB already, which of course is nonsense but predictable given our history of blaming managers.  This time though, are they looking at the wrong ‘leader’ to move on?


7 Responses to “JT: Last Of The ‘Untouchables’?”

  1. I shall look back on our victory at the bridge as the day we hammered the last nails in to JT’s coffin.

  2. Chelsea must sell John Terry we are tired of the blame game
    that the press are peddling. Luiz had a decent game and manage to shut out that cheat from Liverpool.

    Its high time we do it the United way and let go all the tired legs
    surely starting with John Terry!Am glad somebody has used their common sense and see were the problem is and thats him.

    Other players that need to follow him are:
    DROGBA – who is looking disinterested by the day and is hurting the team
    Malouda- a selfish inside forward who puts personal glory ahead of the team

    AVB you are shrewd when it comes to tactics but change the personnel and ley it be known to the Players who the Boss is.Employ 4-2-3-1 with two base midfielders who are willing to pass the ball vertically not square ball lampard and Obitrice.

    Mata should play Trequartista or float centrally .

  3. Carlo wasn’t the problem with Chelsea last season, it was the players. Problem with Carlo was his inaction to do anything about it. We had the aging squad showing their signs of needing replacement. If we truly are in a transition period how come the only new player we give game time to is Mata? Mceachran, Bertrand, Kakuta should of been given loads more game time 2 seasons ago by bringing them in half time when we were already 3 nil up in a lot of games. Now its still McEachran, Bertrand and now Courtois (who cant) and Romeu who should be playing now. It’s obvious already we aren’t winning league and I would rather see these young players in coz they couldnt do any worse. Keep putting it off and when our elders do have to go we will have a team full of players who only just met. Make this season a real transition get couple good summer transfers and let’s try make 4th. Next season we do better.

  4. Insert Lukaku and winter *

  5. With the recent form and glaring mistakes by JT the last 3-4 games, he is no longer in my opinion untouchable. However who should replace him until he regains his previous strength? I don’t see any direct substitute.

  6. JT is near “over-the-hill” & surely isnt Untouchable !
    Atleast 3 of the 4 losses this season is mainly his fault ! And he seems to be making basic mistakes – which are unacceptable when we are pushing for a agressive forward play !
    Besides his ego has gone so big that it is affecting the team and its performance !
    Who will replace him – with Roman’s moneybags lets find someone who will do a better job than just bumbling around !

  7. I have my list of persons that should leave Chelsea:-

    Easy criteria anyone in the age bracket of 30+ should just up and leave and they know themselves…Useless