Candidates Queueing For Chelsea Job? Probably Not

Almost four years ago now, TheChelseaBlog was ranting about the club’s handling of managers…….4 managers later, nothing has changed and following the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas yesterday, it’s hard to feel anything except deeply disillusioned with the club.

Of course this isn’t anything new, obviously, but that’s what’s really worrying now – there genuinely is no end to the manager’s merry-go-round in sight anymore.  I’m still not sure whether I was naïve or just bloody-minded but I refused to let go of the belief that in sacking Ancelotti and appointing AVB, Roman was going to take the need for stability seriously this time.

Yes, AVB was young and in spite of his success at Porto, still inexperienced but he’d learnt part of his craft alongside a man many of our supporters still regard as the best – the players could respect that, right? Wrong because in hindsight, he probably never had their respect from the start.

So what was that all about? His age? Well, it’s fair to say our players weren’t used to quite such a young manager after the likes of Grant, Scolari, Hiddink and Ancelotti but then managers like Gullit and Vialli didn’t seem to get such a hard time in-house, so it couldn’t be just that. His handling of Anelka and Alex then? He probably did himself no favours there although to be fair to him, if he was coming up against egos in the dressing room, it was probably an attempt to assert himself even if he didn’t appreciate the weight our players could ultimately have where P45s are concerned.

So, the fact that our managers last as long as Katie Price’s boyfriends is down to player power then? Horrible thought isn’t it? But there’s definitely something in it, even if that’s not the whole story. For me, this started after Mourinho’s departure – and whilst I’m not saying they’re still sulking (well, not all of them anyway), the ego’s he firmly instilled and left behind have evidently flourished more than their performances.

Only a month ago, I was suggesting something resembling a virus was spreading through the club from boardroom to pitch and I stand by that. My only slight concession to that is that in order for something to seep down, it has to start at the top – and whilst I’ve always shied away from criticising Roman Abramovich, for obvious reasons, I can’t keep ignoring his influence.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always accepted that without Roman I may never have seen us win a title in my lifetime – and we’ve had 3 since he arrived – but Ken Bates ‘saved’ us once too and his influence wasn’t always positive either.  In fact, it was put to me yesterday that Abramovich is like a drug – we can’t live without the money he gives us to make us feel better, yet we know he’s harming us.  And like it or not, it’s a valid point.

We need him for sure, every transfer window we beg for more to make it good again, yet every time he supplies us (and his managers) with the likes of Shevchenko and Torres, it infects affects us. For managers who don’t have these players in their plans, it puts pressure on to somehow accommodate them and very probably pisses off senior players – is it any wonder they feel the need to assert themselves in the face of signings like this – players on equally obscene salaries who are perceived to do a lot less for them?

So, what we have (and what we’ve had for some time) are players vying for their own piece of recognition and managers who can’t genuinely manage. That’s not to say we’ve had bad managers, what we’ve had are managers who find their job of managing is constantly impeded and a large part of the first team that has clung on to its ‘rightful place’ within the club slightly better than its clung onto its dominance in most games this season. And that’s the crux of it – whether we or they like it or not, our ‘key’ players are not the force they used to be.

Somehow, AVB was meant to handle all that whilst making a start on the ‘transition’. Unfortunately for him though, no-one else at Chelsea was ready for that transition. Not the senior players for sure – and not Roman Abramovich, which was evident in the lack of backing given to AVB in the face of recent events.

So, Roman obviously still isn’t ready to keep faith with any of the managers he hires and our players continue to show that same disrepect filtering down from above. Still, candidates will be falling over themselves for a bit of that, surely?

I for one, wish AVB well.



19 Responses to “Candidates Queueing For Chelsea Job? Probably Not”

  1. Surely it has to be Jose. Chelsea players seem to love him and for the most part so do your fans. He might even convince Sneijder and Higuain to come with him from their respective clubs. I wonder is Abramovich embarrassed by all the sackings or is he too rich to give a shit?

  2. nonsense article! you’ve clearly fallen for the anti chelsea press line of various organisations like the LMA and the press like the guardian — managers would love to come to chelsea —- its a big high profile job that pays fantastic — why wouldn’t they? Besides the press always unfairly blame RA so even if you were a coach and it didn’t work out, no one will blame you. Its nonsense — gees chelsea fans you need to be tougher mentally and stop whining and worrying like arsenal fans — sacking him was a totally neccesary thing to do — he had to go — things will work out fine.

  3. I agree with whatever you have said here…I am appalled at the way we have handled this season…I have lost all respect for Lampard after this season…he is a fat donkey who lives off other people as Liverpool fans have always called him and I agree with them after this season. I have lost whatever little playing respect I had for Ashley Cole and Malouda and Drogba and the other idiots at our club.

    Their time is up and I am waiting for this summer to see if they are chucked away or not. If not, I am seriously considering my Chelsea future as a fan…I do not like or accept the way the club is being currently run by idiots like Terry and Lampard who think they are above everything…I hope we get 5th and go to the Europa League next year – we are not gonna do well in the Champions league anyways so whats the point of 4th? We might actually not even win the Europa League but atleast we will not look out of place there..overpaid overrated rentboys at the club that we have….

  4. Transition was necessary and AVB was the right person for it but senior players in our dear club were not ready to accept they might not be needed in the ‘new era’ which turned out how they wanted but abramovic should have stepped up and shown the senior players tho the boss was and i believe that would have brought success in the short and long term period of AVB as he would have used his preffered young players at least he would have been given a chance

  5. Rushad Bachana: “I am seriously considering my Chelsea future as a fan…”

    Get lost then, plastic fans like you won’t be missed. Go support your AVB (1.7 point per game, bravo! Genius!) somewhere else…

    And watch how Lampard gets another 10+goals next season.

  6. Yeah I don’t know. Can’t really watch the senior players this time knowing they very probably orchestrated it. I think AVB will be a great coach elsewhere, but Cole, Lampard, Terry, Drogba and Cech are something else. Everyone knows these players have got to go shortly, so why not sack and replace them? Some foolish moves Roman. But on the other hand AVB wasn’t exactly the best t manager for adversity. Bring back Carlo

  7. We have become unmanagable. It will be very difficult to get a top rated manager to come. Although there were problems with AVB, while certain players remain there will be problems. Players can’t be sacked mid-term only managers. The players should have been cleared out in the summer when there was a chance. There will be a short dead cat bounce, as the players in question surely are now fighting for their futures and one final pay off elsewhere.
    Winning the double didn’t do us any favours as these players would/should have been moved on then.
    Why would Jose or Guardiola want to come, that is the question everyone should be asking.

  8. The player power at Chelsea is just disgusting. I have watched these senior players play their part all these seasons, but when its time… well, its time! Drogba is so slow his physical prowess doesnt matter any more. Lampard is hardly making any worthwhile contribution these days. All these years have given him an insight to sometimes be at the right place at the right time, so he gets some goals, but none of them are brilliant. There is no incisive pass, no clean movement, just the obvious sideways pass, more often than not. Mceachran should have been blooded, just like the cleverly or wilshere. Ashely Cole is losing one on ones. This was a rarity even last season, but this season, how many times have we seen it? Malouda is very low on confidence and it tells. Terry is our captain, our leader, our legend and he is possibly the only one of the old guard who can fight for a place, at least till cahill and luiz form their partnership.

    All in all, the old geezers are calling the shots and this is OK when they deliver on the pitch, but today, they perform only off the pitch. AVB or not is not significant, but if we dont control this disgusting player power, we will face irreparable damage that even romans money cannot solve. I dont know who is the solution to this conundrum, but Mourinho is NOT it!

  9. I will never question my support of Chelsea, It’s in the blood, from going every other game with the old man as a young boy to being a season ticket holder in my twenties…but I am allowed to question the judgement and attitudes of the players and staff…..
    The attitude of senior players is nothing less than that of a young child who cannot get his toys…..questions the reasons why these average players are paid so ridiculously high salaries….yes average….so Fat Frank has a reputation, this year he has been average and often less than that along with a string of other stars….they have been average too…
    Roman accepted AVB’s 3 year plan and then fired him after 10 months…sounds Russian to me….
    Sad to say we (Our fans) are turning into another Man Utd, Man city….who want to buy success and then expect it every year…..just glad I am not one of them.
    Maybe AVB was not the man…..but he was not given a chance by the players or the Chairman….and for that they will lose respect from all the decent fans…as our long list of managers says it all……Loyalty does not come from the pay packet!!!

  10. I just cannot understand how all of you can criticise Lampard ahead of everyone else. It certainly was not his best season in Chelsea shirt, but he still is our top scorer despite spending big parts on the bench and being midfielder. Were it not for him, AVB would have probably been sacked few matches sooner. Drogba, Torres, Malouda, Kalou, Mikel – these guys all played 2 decent games between all of them this season; they should be first ones to criticise (not Lampard). Also, selling Anelka – who was our best striker formwise – was a disastrous decision. (Alex deserved to go after failing to produce a single match without a blunder, though maybe AVB should be to blame for that to some extent).

    If somebody called himself a Chelsea fan and spoke of Lampard as ‘fat Frank’, his health would be in danger btw. GTFO with your toxic comments!!! If you love AVB more then Chelsea, Chelsea won’t miss you!

  11. “If somebody called himself a Chelsea fan and spoke of Lampard as ‘fat Frank’, his health would be in danger btw. ”

    I meant RL here. Internet allows people the safety to post the dumbest things, be it for good or bad…

  12. To all the big mouthed idiots here talking of Lampard as if he is some divine player, he isnt. He simply lives off sneaking into the box and deflected goals and penalties…take those away and you will see Lampard for what he is – one footed, unimaginative and utterly bereft of ideas. Its no wonder he never plays well without Essien or someone else doing the donkey work for England. Guess the media are right about some of our other fans – clueless and arrogant. Its not too hard to admit the truth that we are the most archaic and route one team in the top 10 in the EPL. We have always played narrow and through Drogba and that style and the refusal to accept AVB’s modern style is what has led to this predicament.

    Incase someone has not noticed, while AVB was new and until that game against Manchester United at Old Trafford where we lost after 2 offside goals (3-1), his tactics were spot on and were working wonders for us and we were playing nice free flowing football…then the old players started throwing tantrums and we have been downhill since then with the odd Valencia and Man City games the exception. It doesnt take a genius to figure this out. Its wrong to defend injustice and I atleast have the balls to call my club for that…maybe you all just like the comfort cosyness of other fans shouting and being plastic and arrogant…but I dont…and like I said..if the older players are not chucked away in the summer, I am quitting as a Chelsea fan. I dont wish to win trophies…I just want to support a club thats well run with no arrogant prima donnas at it. Thats the reason I became a chelsea fan 10 years ago and this is the reason I will quit..And I dont need your cheap whinging on that…not all Chelsea fans are thick headed idiots like the people mentioned above.

  13. Well jock you might not question your support of Chelsea, but the die hard lads from the old shed & north stand do. You keep spitting out your dummy and crying about how NOW the senior players (before it was just Frank) were only average and overpaid. Well now stick the dummy back in and sit on your sofabed beside AVB, hue was more than well paid for being the worst manager Abramovich every employed, yes the Worst not even Average sorry and watch these so called average players guide the name of Chelsea back up to 4th place and maybe Wembley, Napoli maybe just that bit to much but will see if theres a will there a way.
    the die hard fans that are at the bridge and were at west brom, everton, swansea etc will not lose there respect for the players they just lost respect for a below average manager and thankfully so did Abramovich.
    Weather we get into europe or not the club is in a better position physically and mentallly without AVB.
    If you feel that let down with what Abramovich is doing there always Fulham,QPR or maybe Brentford

  14. I don’t cry that the senior players were average….they are average and no more!
    That’s why we are where we are and struggling….Terry, Lampard, Drogba have all seen better days….we have been mugged off by those over paid prima donnas…and yes I do believe Frank is over rated and has never proved himself for England….because he has to work….something he is not great at…..feeding off others granted….but lots of players can do that….Gareth Barry for one!
    I stated above maybe AVB was not the manager for Chelsea but being given a 3 year plan and fired after 10 months….Glory Hunting in its finest….what has this club become??
    If you Mr Peckham were given a contract to learn how to deliver your letters and sacked after a few days because you got some in the wrong letter box……WOW…you would be pissed off eh 😉
    As for the worst manager Roman has ever employed…sorry that goes to Avram Grant and combined with Scolari…..
    Obviously unlike some who state above they will walk away from Chelsea…sorry not for me….I was born and bred on the Fulham road….it’s in the blood….I might live thousands of miles away and watch football here, but occasionally I do venture across the other side of the world to spend some of the thousands I make out here 😉 Although I must say I have noticed the class of Chelsea fan at the bridge these days is just not the same as years ago….Old Greenaway would be turning in his grave!

  15. “I am quitting as a Chelsea fan.”
    Get lost, really. You were never a Chelsea fan in the first place.

    “I stated above maybe AVB was not the manager for Chelsea but being given a 3 year plan and fired after 10 months….”

    Having a 3 year plan was all we heard from AVB, sounded more like a clever way to hold onto his job. Sorry, but with squad Chelsea has expectations have to be high. Middle of the league is not our place, regardless of any project. This is not glory hunting – this is harsh reality.

    ‘feeding off others granted….but lots of players can do that….Gareth Barry for one!’

    What is Barry’s goalscoring record?

  16. jock once again you spat out your dummy your arse must also be wet from sitting in your tears. It`s good you`ve got a good job earning thousands you would need to for the shit you keep producing, you must have nappy rash by now.

    In feb you stated Frank not AVB would go first.
    Now the senior players are average players,
    To top it you compare gareth barry to Frank

    Well Frank is still here AVB gone!
    The senior players still repersenting thier countrys some as captains (leaders), JT would maybe have played if fit and Frank would have been there but for AVB class mangement skills.
    As for England and Frank, when Chelsea were playing shit under AVB. Frank went out Captained England, scored the only goal that beat the world champions.

    on a serious note do you really now were the Fulham Rd is, i think you dreamed it up that your from there so you could follow the club to impress your executive pals, you also probably told them that you are a member of headhunters firm, well good luck keep shitting out the dreams

  17. No fortunately enough I was not in the headhunters, but was around Chelsea when they were around destroying the club’s reputation…
    On a lighter note I hope all the people that give you mail to post spell a bit better than you otherwise you could be in real trouble delivering them eh 😉
    I am not an executive….but paid far more than that 😉
    Yes all the players have been average….and Frankie boy too…he is not a hero or a great player….on the big stage he does not produce often enough and one goal against a half strength team will not change that…..
    I can send you another poster of Frank for your birthday if you like and that can go on your wall with all the rest??
    Fulham Road….sad to annoy you, but I grew up there, went to school there…..obviously you never as we were taught to spell at that school 😉

  18. Well Jock the lads won without AVB and what was bitter sweet the team selection was his team but with a twist they played as a unit together and for fun something he could`nt get them to do. The future is looking a little bit brighter dont you think. Oh sorry that hurts! AVB forgot to use the lubrication he is a bold boy never mind you`ll bond together yet

    Thanks for the spelling tips I heard Lady Margarets was good for that amongst other things you`ve done them proud

  19. Who would want the job at Chelsea other than Rafa Benitez, who can perhaps tell Abramovich he knows a secret way to get Torres scoring goals.

    Even the fans who traveled up for the match with WBA were chanting “Rafa you’re not welcome here.”

    Everyone knows the fan’s want Mourinho, and with his house hunting in London recently there is certainly speculation that the Special One is the only man to sort out the problems, and re-build the team.

    There was even talk of this today in the U.K. press about Mourinho’s reconciliation with Abramovich in 2007, and how Mourinho would love to come back to Chelsea.

    His demands for taking the job on are said to be a salary of £12 million, and the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.