Thoughts on Torres & The Future

Torres himself came out shortly after the Champions League final to voice his discontent at his last 18 months at Chelsea, stating how he wanted assurances over his place in the squad. A few days later it was announced Drogba would leave and it looks like Chelsea (Abramovich) is putting everything behind Torres.… Read More

What Could Hazard Bring To Chelsea? (video)

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Chelsea: Hazard & Marin Just The Start?

It has been widely reported that the current Chelsea squad is in need of a shake-up, several of the clubs key players have aged somewhat. It is a squad that is increasingly looking imbalanced with argubly no natural width which has led RDM to play Ramires out wide right. With this inbalance in mind there is a lot of work for Chelsea to do in the transfer window, despite signing Hazard and Marin.… Read More

Nevermind Eden Hazard, What About The Manager?

Whilst everyone else seems to be working themselves into some sort of erotic group frenzy over the thought of Eden Hazard maybe, potentially, undeniably, possibly signing for Chelsea/City/United (delete as appropriate), if I’m honest, I’m more concerned about the ongoing manager(less) situation at Stamford Bridge.… Read More

A Week On: JT & Chelsea Still Proud

A week on from our Champions League final win and there’s two things that stand out for me. First and foremost what stands out is the incredible joy and pride I still feel every single day when I remember we’re the Champions of Europe and it’s beginning to dawn on me that, that feeling is one I’ll get used to – because it’s not going away anytime soon.… Read More

Chelsea 2011/12 Season – In Verse

It started off quite hopeful, with a new man in the job

Alongside Villas-Boas, Juan Mata and Sideshow Bob

We banged a few in, looked ok, you’d forgive us for all hoping –

That even with a few old ‘uns, the Chelsea squad was coping

We’d even hoped that Torres was, or at least until United

With a miss that had the red shite, all sort of ‘dick-in’hand’ excited

Then controversy, of course, what else?… Read More

Chelsea: Who Stays, Who Goes?

After the excitement of our Champions League win last weekend, you’d assume things might quieten down a bit at Chelsea this week, not so though. We’ve been hearing that in spite of not having a permanent manager in post yet, the wheels continue to turn. So here’s a look at some of top stories: … Read More

Didier Drogba: Departing Without Disgrace

So, Chelsea have confirmed Didier Drogba will be leaving us when his contract runs out next month. Not unexpected given the story had already been broken in the French press this week but I guess official confirmation made it more real. … Read More

One Fan’s Thoughts on Drogba

Now that the dust has settled on the Champions League win – as much as it can do after such a fantastic evening – much discussion is centred around the future of Didier Drogba.

I will say it now – my opinion is that he’s right to leave. What better stage to move on?… Read More

Didier: Thank You For Supporting Me

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