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One Fan’s Thoughts on Drogba

Now that the dust has settled on the Champions League win – as much as it can do after such a fantastic evening – much discussion is centred around the future of Didier Drogba.

I will say it now – my opinion is that he’s right to leave. What better stage to move on? He scored the equaliser and then the winning penalty in the Champions League final. Surely the perfect time to call it a day after eight years service?

Those over at note how the 34-year-old has even scored 100 goals exactly for the club. To quote Gary Neville, it is ‘written in the stars’ that this should be the end of his career at Stamford Bridge. He deserves to go out on this incredible high.

There were discussions last year that Drogba should move on of course. He still had unfinished business though with the Champions League in his sights. What is there to complete though? His work, as they say, is done.

It is positive for Chelsea for Drogba to move on to. His presence will be missed of course it will, but if the Blues are to be a dominant force over the next few years, they must eye the next generation.

The Ivory Coast international also only scored five goals in the Premier League this season. This isn’t a crisiticm, just an observation. Everything just seems to add up for Drogba moving on.

What would the reason in staying be? This may seem a little harsh, bit I can imagine it being somewhat of a victory lap. Would we have seen the best of Drogba again? I’m not sure.

Fernando Torres could perhaps come to the fore a lot more without Drogba. Make him the main man – certainly until January – and Chelsea could end up reaping the benefits.

Everyone at will agree that Drogba is a Chelsea legend and he deserved to go out having helped the team win the biggest competition of all.



Written by TCB reader Thomas Rooney

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