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Chelsea Champions League Slip-up

Think back to 19th May this year. Brilliant wasn’t it? The overwhelming emotion when that penalty went in and the incredible sight of our players (yes that means John Terry too), lifting the Champions League trophy at last…..

Well, it won’t look quite like that right now – because some naughty staff have apparently damaged it!

Reports suggest 3 security staff damaged one of the handles whilst posing for pictures, showing off to friends. And, since they clearly didn’t have permission to be doing what they were doing, rather than own up – they simply put it back and walked away.

So, whilst the trophy has gone away for repairs, the Chelsea staff have been placed firmly on the naughty step…..aka suspension, with a spokesman only confirming “The trophy was accidentally damaged while pictures were being taken. It was minor damage and has already been repaired. We don’t make comment on staff matters.”

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