Does ‘Everyone’ Suffer In Europe Wenger, Or Just Arsenal?

You have to laugh at Wenger don’t you? No really, you do.

There was a time his bitter comments about Chelsea and their spending might have wound me right up. Now though, after Arsenal’s 7 years without trophies, you can only pity the poor, deluded plank – with a bloody great grin on your face.… Read More

Chelsea Transfer Rumours: Still After Moses In Our Basket?

The new season gets ever nearer, as does the closing of another transfer window. So whilst half the country concentrate on how many shiny round things the British athletes might come away with, The Chelsea Blog sticks to the important things – transfer gossip. Here’s some of the latest:


CFCnet reckon Hulk is getting closer to a move

FootballFancast bring news of a loan deal tell us Schurrle won’t be coming mull over those ridiculous Cole rumours

And Mail online reckon we’ll have one last stab at Moses… Read More