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Liverpool Questioning Chelsea Players?

Liverpool eh?  Massive club, massive support, massive history – and yet probably the most small-minded bunch you’ll ever come across.

I mean, let’s face it, have they really been in a position of late to slate anyone? Have they actually done anything of note recently that makes them believe they’re in a position to take the piss out of players who, for instance, are amongst the current FA Cup holders? Or even the current Champions of Europe?

Yes, I know they’ve had their own success in Europe but like most things about Liverpool that’s hysterical historical.  So, aside from acquiring players of Andy Carroll’s calibre, did I miss something remarkable recently?

No, I didn’t think so either – and yet, their former players seem to be lining up to have a go at us – or more specifically David Luiz.  We had Alan Hansen’s opinion most weeks last season anyway and now, just one charity game in, Steve Nicol is having a go.

Yes, we’re all aware Luiz had a bit of a nightmare but whilst we can get that into context considering the clear improvements we saw from him in our FA Cup and Champions League winning season, the bitter ex-Liverpool man insists “He showed us again that he hasn’t matured one bit from last season.  Your centre backs have to be cool, calm and collected under pressure.  This guy is none of that.  He’s a loose cannon, and he’ll give away needless penalties and free-kicks. You just can’t trust him.”

What’s even more amusing than reading the bitter nonsense of Liverpool has-beens though, is this tosh being bought by scousers, backed up by ‘statistics’ on their blogs, pointing towards Chelsea’s ‘deteriorating’ defence being down to David Luiz.

Ironic really, given our Champions League success came as a direct result of our defensive game!

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