Liverpool Questioning Chelsea Players?

Liverpool eh?  Massive club, massive support, massive history – and yet probably the most small-minded bunch you’ll ever come across.

I mean, let’s face it, have they really been in a position of late to slate anyone? Have they actually done anything of note recently that makes them believe they’re in a position to take the piss out of players who, for instance, are amongst the current FA Cup holders? Or even the current Champions of Europe?

Yes, I know they’ve had their own success in Europe but like most things about Liverpool that’s hysterical historical.  So, aside from acquiring players of Andy Carroll’s calibre, did I miss something remarkable recently?

No, I didn’t think so either – and yet, their former players seem to be lining up to have a go at us – or more specifically David Luiz.  We had Alan Hansen’s opinion most weeks last season anyway and now, just one charity game in, Steve Nicol is having a go.

Yes, we’re all aware Luiz had a bit of a nightmare but whilst we can get that into context considering the clear improvements we saw from him in our FA Cup and Champions League winning season, the bitter ex-Liverpool man insists “He showed us again that he hasn’t matured one bit from last season.  Your centre backs have to be cool, calm and collected under pressure.  This guy is none of that.  He’s a loose cannon, and he’ll give away needless penalties and free-kicks. You just can’t trust him.”

What’s even more amusing than reading the bitter nonsense of Liverpool has-beens though, is this tosh being bought by scousers, backed up by ‘statistics’ on their blogs, pointing towards Chelsea’s ‘deteriorating’ defence being down to David Luiz.

Ironic really, given our Champions League success came as a direct result of our defensive game!

18 Responses to “Liverpool Questioning Chelsea Players?”

  1. Is that the knee in the back defence ?

  2. Luiz is a legend, he is fast strong and great at interception. What my favourite bit about him is when our midfield start passing sideways/backwards he goes and attacks himself. He is a bit reckless in his own box but he will learn. Will be the best defender in the league within a few years in my opinion

  3. but he’s Right…why just because someone from Liverpool said it it should be a problem??? David Luiz is still the same loose cannon he was when we bought him,Ofcourse he’s improved but he still has alot to do

  4. what a knob you really are! Luiz is a liability and the fact that you wrote a whole article about LIVERPOOL means you have nothing better to talk about. The best Chelsea story you could come up with was all about Liverpool…………. very sad

  5. As a Liverpool fan I couldn’t agree more. If you think ex lfc players slagging Chelsea off is bad you should here what the same people have been saying about lfc! Where I do take issue is that what ex players say has nothing to do with Lfc today as you imply in your rant. Regards

  6. Steve Nicol has had no connection with Liverpool FC for 17 years. He’s worked in America for the last 15 or so so quite what that comment has to do with LFC or their fans I’m not sure.

    That said, if you live to be 100 nothing you’ll still only know about 1% of what he’s already forgotten about the game.

  7. You are embarasssing yourself with this article. First of all, the comment is given by an ex-Liverpool player and that has nothing to do with the rest of the other Liverpool players, supporters or club.
    Depite that his success was in the past with Liverpool, he was one of the great players during his era. So why can’t he comment or crticise chelsea of now?
    If he or any other can’t do that so please make sure that non of the chelsea players or supporters do the same. Yet i see many chelsea players and supporters doing so.
    So who is small minded?

  8. Do u normaly give tym to such a loosers point of view?..Oh com on u i bet u wuld hv don beta wit ur tym dan listn to such retards….As clueles as thy hav always ben,their bigest achievments wer signin andy,nd sacking daglish…..Did i mis som oda achievments?…..Caring cup..Sory carling cup…Yes…Sounds lyk d best achievment in a decade.

  9. Any chance of that in English mate, or does it take too much time to learn a basic grasp of it?

  10. can’t liverpool mind there bizz and let chelsea be?

  11. Makelo. You call us retards, couldn’t even understand that crap that you have written

  12. Is this an English web site!! Or have the Martians invaded!! Just trying to decipher the previous poster, that’s all. Listen Chelsea guys – you finally won (fluked) the Champions League like Man Utd did against the same team. So suddenly after a Billion pounds spent in the transfer market and a few league titles over the last decade suddenly you are a BIG team!!! Errrrmmmm No!! I don’t think so!! You still got plastic fans with plastic flags and a history that is pathetic considering the money you have spent over the last decade. Anyway, we LFC are coming to whupp your a*se this season and put you back in your place! PS Try to attract fans who have a reasonably decent command of the English language, it is embarrassing trying to understand the ramblings of a retard, oh sorry he thinks everyone else is a retard!!

  13. Makelo: Retards? Have you seen your spelling? Maybe learn to write in a proper fashion before you start pointing the finger.

  14. Hey, what’s up! You allow the ramblings of a retard supporting your arguments but when a concise and coherent messaage against Chelsea football club and how they bought their mediocre success over with last 10 years with a billion pounds you remove it!! Ooooh you are sore losers!! The problem you have is that you haven’t got much of a fan base to fund your success or your arguments have you!! Keep editing and I will keep posting and winding you up in the process!!! Chin up Chelsea boot boys, one day Roman will invest in a proper club in Russia and desert your plastic fans!!

  15. dont mind the donkey, at like dog back, cow boo,and also is goat so he has to do somtin to be had too

  16. Makelo

    Congratulations on probably the most moronic posting of all time. You managed to spell more words wrong than right. Oh and BTW Steve Nicol left Liverpool 17 years ago!!!

  17. What gets me is why would a fan of another club go on a Chelsea Blog or website…sickness or Jealousy?

  18. Not jealousy or sickness at all mate, I was directed here via News Now Liverpool which is a collator of Liverpool news stories that only shows headlines. I choose to read ones which aren’t self-evidently explaining, as unlike yourself, I choose to read a wide range of material, so I can form decent opinions. The day I’m sick or jealous of Chelsea is a long way off…maybe sick of Chelsea (or should that be ex-Fulham/neutral fans who’ve jumped on the bandwagon?) fans…